but,did not think of,You are so easy to be deceived。

See this Lord Xianjun,come,Heard a word from myself,I believe my own words。
This person,I muttered a few words in my heart。
of course,Nothing is wrong on the face。
“Heitian Ancient City?”
“Row,I know。”
“Few of you,Tie this man up to me。”
“If this person said,If it is true,There will be no less rewards,But if it is false,that”Voice falls,The power of a fairy,Appeared by this person。
then,Directly trapped this fraudster。
“Yes,Lord Xianjun。”
These city guards guarding the gate,Hear,Answer seriously。
“what,Have to be sure before giving it to me?”
“No way,The other party has feet。”
“If the other party leaves,Gone,Then my news,Didn’t I give it to you for nothing。”
Face,Say so。
But inside,But it was extremely panic。
Grandma bear,I don’t even know,it’s just,Make it up by yourself,Just know。
Chapter 603 Revenge
Snapped!Respond to this person,Is a slap。
After hitting this guy。
Xianjun looks at the city guard,Anger:“Give this person to me,If it’s gone,You guys can be gone。”
Finished,And hurried to Heitian City。
While this person is leaving。
Lin Yu,Also left。
Get out of the city,No registration required。