Lele opened his eyes bleary, looking at the Division Yangshuo muddle, suddenly grinned.

  Division Yangshuo do not like crying children, relatives of the child can hide distance into the future, but looking at the child, but a kind of unspeakable cordial.
  ”How old is your son?”
  Stuck in the throat of sour Italy raging, rice daughter suddenly wet eyes.
  Division Yangshuo know why, how cried?
  Tearful eyes looking straight Division Yangshuo rice daughter’s eyes: “six months, one year old.”
  Division Yangshuo he somehow seen, touched hands under meters Lele: “Your son is very cute.”
  Lele issued a giggle meters, caught Division Yangshuo fingers, suddenly smile sweeter.
  Division Yangshuo laughed, gently shake his hand.
  This scene falls rice daught广州桑拿网er’s eyes, offer all kinds of taste worth of emotions flowed through the heart, almost uncontrollable tears.
  See a lo苏州龙凤419网ss Yangshuo Division.
  ”Thank you!”M hastily daughter said something, my son into a small cart, escape also like to leave.
  Leaving a loving mind of Division Yangshuo, what, just all right, get back in the car, Division Yangshuo a little back, but God, it’s a mess all day today.
  Dumped nod, Division Yangshuo a step on the gas and sped away, leaving a string of exhaust.
  Daughter heard the engine sound meter can not help looking back, stared stood there, face covered with tears.I never thought he actually is also the city where they will be in such a form Zaiyu.
  He did not recognize himself a little, but do not know his Lele.M looking down at their daughter clutching the front of the cart of toys to play with his son, Lele very close to him, it is haunted by the nature of his son?
  M terribly upset their daughter returned ho北京夜网me, the toy sitting on a blanket on his son play himself holding his knees in

ther does not need his response.Two people sit opposite the pavilion, which some blowing hot summer wind.

  Give up give up power ambitions it, others can not judge right or wrong, as long as the party like no regrets.
  Xi Yuan thirty-five y上海419同城对对碰ears, nothing came of the Queen Mother.
  She this life, childhood mother died, twelve-year-old palace, sixteen-year-old Cheng pet, twenty-two gave birth to eight Royal Highness Prince, later boarded the imperial concubine of the ladies from the next, and then to the Queen, the overlord, the Queen Mother, this life can not be considered satisfactory, but also regarded as extremely honored.
  Xi Yuan thirty-seven years, Bae Yong Heng suddenly ill.But just one month, it has no way to get up dealing with government.
  However, the Crown Prince has long been training well, two or three years Bae Yong Heng also let go of power in their hands, so the transfer of power was very calm, very sick for Bae Yong Heng DPRK although concern, but there is no panic and appear.
  On this day, after Bae Yong Heng wake up from a coma, the first thing to say out loud is that the king has been declared to the Queen Mother mourning Fuchu palace of the king.
  Other北京桑拿按摩s thought Heng Yong Pei is to entrust some of the funeral and the king, after all, His Majesty’s body now, what day are likely to wash away.But Bae Yong Heng Heng Yu declared the palace, the jade weighing just want to catch up on things.
  ”Eight brother can be happy in this life?”
  ”No regrets, follow your heart, it can be considered a happy.”
  He did not obsession, there will be no regrets, are mostly a thing done in the original mind, naturally counted happy.
  Bae Yong Heng smiled, his face showing a bit happy to, “the emperor, although very honorable position, but I spare no efforts in th

in the entire cultivation sector, full comprehension martial art community will be sent to Penglai City were held event, this year is no exception.

  This Chuan Han fruit of God that Lent has won more than a dozen sessions of the.Although I heard recently that the King Valley seems good, but according to their view, to grab it fast Han River God if children still a very difficult thing.
  As for the military than the martial art of tasting than the General Assembly, it was also largely been given a monopoly of the Golden Gate.After all that were inside the Golden Gate, but with the best of the entire seedling cultivation sector, coupled with the superior Golden Gate were 广州桑拿网the conditions, no worries about immortality, countless magic, won the ringleader and that really is not difficult.

Chapter 165 Section chiefs of comprehension for students daily twenty-seven (Combo)
  June 15, when duly convened General Assembly is the tasting, good medicine Wang Gugang card to reach the previous day, but Luoxue only live in a day of inn.
  This event once Penglai fifty years, many of these doors to have their own place to stay, have purchased real estate, such as if the Han River, fasting, Dan King Valley were the case, it will open a scale not often in Penglai Pavilion small stores.
  Unfortunately, King Valley many years ago, because it can not afford to maintain that high repair costs, plus the number of doors inside the distress situation, put it in the attic to Penglai City pawn, so the first thing that came杭州桑拿洗浴 to Luoxue Penglai City thing is to send people to the stores to redeem the.
  This year the giant branch also began millions of prices, said King Valley redeemed on the redemption come, it is rich and powerful, just as people tut sigh, but these words also say back, this drug has not yet attic King Valley a lightning it expensive array.
  Penglai City, Yao Wang Court re-opened the listing, luck would have it, the opposite is the Han River that fast, though the two sides have only just begun to tidy up the shop, there is no exchange, but in the streets of this city of Penglai,

ally wanted to call the book ask Yan Qi, the results turn the phone only to find that she did not have the number of books Qi Yan, Yan Qi Luo music book number assistant she forgot saved.

  ”I’ve not affect.”Qi Yan book moved his right hand, freedom of movement, he hesitated for two seconds to say,” he finished shooting the film?”
  ”No, the finished part of the mountains, the next had to take more than a month.’She found the hands of Qi Yan carrying a book bag Made, actually takeaway.
  So badly do.
  Jiang Mian: “.”
  ”Qi Shushu, you eat take-away??”
  Qi Yan shallow Enliaoyisheng book, Yan Qi Jiang Mian 苏州夜网looked up and down the book, which seems to know of unexpected sleep ginger, sip Min Chun, light, said: “Ronaldinho on a business trip.”
  Although he was able to distinguish listening, self-care is not a problem, but not enough to cook the point Guards.
  He did not like Luo Yue ran to the side, which had to contact a specialized star restaurant, Qi Yan book just for one service, regular room every day, he said that the takeaway is not excessive.
  These he did not explain, ginger sleep naturally do not know either – in addition to sell take-away, but fortunately she did not see – go to the mountains a month filming no control over the other hand – now see, really sorry to let Qi Yan also book to eat takeaway.
  ”wait for me a while.”Jiang Mian went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, frown, empty inside.
  Liu Mah know sh苏州夜网e went out to work, not at home, she can come only need cleaning every day, do not cook.If placing food in the refrigerator, a long time will be bad.
  Jiang Mian think if there is food in the fridge, she would do something to eat, thought, her back to the door: “Qi Shushu, takeaway unhealthy, I invite you to go out to eat it.”
  This month her right when people are indifferent apologize hand injury.
  Qi Yan listening to the book, he heard the sound of a full sleep Jiang opened the fridge, almost instantly knew her thoughts.
  Paused, he said: “Two day

en, and do not bother to call her a meal, eat even if you do not eat out, are they in spite of her, Liang Lanfen hard gas three days not out of the room, including pee shit all reveal a face, really hold maintained.This thing is not good and outsiders elaborate, first carried back to say Liang Lanfen.

  To maintain the eyes of outsiders, they educated youth solidarity scenes.
  Liang Lanfen gone, leaving nothing to the meaning of their members, are holding their own tools, continue to work in the fields of.
  Speaking of Liang Lanfen write repentance things, a lot of people take this lesson children and grandchildren, I’m sorry I’m sorry the National Party is Liang Lanfen fate, no, even worse fate, Liang Lanfen least literate, they will not even write the word, the time has come to a small hill, hold five days and nights are to hold not one two three.
  A lot of people are scared to sleep at night dreaming that I alone squatting on the hillside, holding chopsticks posture holding pen, anxious sweat, no matter how hard that life and death is n苏州夜网ot write.
  Frightened members to work increasingly hard, firm can not take the old Liang Lanfen.
  In the following days, the production team work enthusiasm reached unprecedented high, Lu Jianguo feeling powerful warning to others, is loved by the, next door to the commune members sent a message of work, so he went to the commune meeting, he said the commune cadres talking about a man named Liang educated youth, Lu Jianguo panic, Liang Lanfen commune named the advanced intellectuals, he was secretly removed commune of Taiwan, and sometimes recite, I do not know how to do, much deliberation, only to find Xue Huahua make a decision, “flower ah, commune cadres, if you ask me, how can I answer ah?”
  Liang Lanfen these days honest, keep quiet working in the fields, if you ask Liang Lanfen commune cadres how to behave, he is that good or bad南宁桑拿?
  Xue Huahua just to feed the pigs, pigs carrying a backpack ready to go out to cut grass, muddy r

is full?”

  ”Both.”Xiao Yu will not open to the objection it上海夜网 with warm nine:” We now arrived and the state, but from the day the capital, if you make two uncle found together, then tomorrow morning, he will certainly be with us you will be sent back to the capital.”
  This, of course, is to frighten Xiao Yu Wen nine.
  Sure enough, played a role, Wen nine had wanted to say what can be heard Xiao Kun Yu referred to the cloud, he pursed his mouth.
  She certainly did not want to give up halfway.
  ”Room can sleep with you, but you are not allowed to pick up my mind!”
  May have to say ugly words at the head, Xiao Yu said she takes a job in advance.
  Xiao Yu face of depressed.
  To a little idea of what their women, it is the improvement in heart?
  Hey, his life, so how bitter it?
  He had wanted this evening by chance in a room, the temperature can make progress between now nine it!
  It now appears that he probably some wishful thinking.
  Xiao Yu heart is extremely lost, but his mouth was promised a warm Nin苏州桑拿e: “Rest assured, I have put a number of days, and then wait some time, is able to do.”
  SayFinish this sentence, he sighed softly, look pitiful look.
  Wen nine close your eyes, all while he did not hear the sighs, all while also did not see his face.
  ”I just let them prepare the bath water, you take a bath.”
  Wait until the room, Xiao Yu Wen put nine on the bed, washed her softly.
  Xiao Yu’s intimate, so warm nine feel a little warmth to flow through a son.
  On the way back and forth all day, and more than half of the time, it is in the riding, she is really dirty and tired, can take a bath, it is really good.
  Sure enough, not long after, there is a man sent the bath water.
  Xiao Yu looked at the temperature nine cramped look, did not forget to tease her: “I do

w.However, the first to buy a beginning or five bars, slightly raised too late to buy some of.”

  ”Also, some people are raising pigs a year and a half to sell, anyway, and worry about selling pigs.”
  Maybe wives’d talk cheerful, the other end Zhu mother got the exact number later, they turned to the house to get money.In a moment, we take the money over, there are also silver coins.They originall北京桑拿y stall when fall out of all coins, coins can be too heavy, it is against some money, twe广州桑拿lve, two ounces of silver ingot child has, count coins, watching can be plenty of money.
  Sao happily divided into a Wangxiang Qin, which is more than forty-two had money, she also helped scrape together integer, it gave five ounces of silver.Wang Xiangqin originally wanted to put off, but do not want to Yisow said: “You are kind to me Shane?I had also thought got the money back to buy a gift for you, simply do not buy now, you go shopping myself to go.Do not push, do so.”
  Wang Xiangqin still accept in the end, she still wondering to this situation is not difficult to think back to a good idea, after all, dumpling Well, who would eat it out of the first month.
  ”Get away?Finally get away?”Surprises come as a surprise, it is Rokuro know what to do.
  ”Yes.”Wang Xiangqin red this poor child nodded slightly ponder a moment, then said,” Rokur广州桑拿网o you so that you are pressing me just another way to teach your bookkeeping, you do not have the books, and is listed tables.Do you have a ruler bar?With a ruler to draw up data every day, so looking at the more convenient.”
  ”Come, I’ll do!”Rokuro excited bad, I suddenly felt afterwards also lacks hard thing!
  His performance is too obvious, and my heart too serious on the exposed surface of what.Wang Xiangqin see in the eyes, for he could not h

nutes 44 seconds

Dream Jiu threw a grenade thrown Time: at 20:31:52 on June 4th, 2019

Fox threw a spiked mines throwing time: at 22:55:06 on June 4th, 2019

Unscrupulousness threw a mine-throwing Time: at 23:04 on June 2019 Ri 42 minutes and 25 seconds

Xuan threw a mine-throwing time: at 2:54:06 on June 5, 2019

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Devil lost brother 9

“There is a problem at this algorithm.”Su exquisite for a technician said,” Your idea is very good, but this code is 广州桑拿网compiled, it is caught in an infinite loop.”

In the laboratory, the Soviet Union exquisite researcher to grasp BUG, her hands are pointing capability.

Su get this exquisite pointing researcher, exposed and suddenly look.

As one yard farming, the most painful is catching insects.

This is the top of the food chain Gangster clearly not the case, the Soviet Union always exquisite can quickly catch errors after the turn over, the code can run smoothly.

Currently, the province has been carrying household registration database in the laboratory, relying on this system, the baby home site, have lost more than fifteen years, the identity of the child in the household?Province found a total of thirty; seize the pass-Arrest Warrant fled?Province fugitives total of 59 persons; to arrest the criminals of various types to广州桑拿taling six hundred eighty-seven people.

Use of Skynet camera positioning, does not require the use of large-scale police investigation, just need to transfer data to the public is located in Ann Big Data University laboratory, in?Provincial database to find the corresponding identity data to find specific data in more than 50%, the basic investigation and visited only one or two people, can be determined criminals.

This saves the 北京夜网case of the police, so?Province especially good camera arranged in advance Wˉˉ City, the detection rate and detection rate reached a state called t

a milky white of jade.He goes face mess with completely different.

  Twisted together, white, delicate hands, to see the blue blood flow under the skin.
  That body is different from the arrogant bad dress, a woman appeared in front of the quiet and gentle.Docile distressed.Strayed into the trap like a small forest pure北京风月会所 white deer.
  Want people arrested, kept in close.
  Huan Lu Hengxi everything looks clean white stuff.
  Obviously grow out of the darkness violent juvenile, but it happens like those snow white stuff.
  For example, those eyes.
  Lu cross unconsciously licked his lips, tasted the taste of beer surge, think of it before he is to send a punitive expedition.
  The thought that he subconsciously increased strength.
  Pair of beautiful deer eye to cause fibrillation immediately filled with tears, he looked pitiful.
  A movable horizontal chest Lu.
  He wanted to make this pair of eyes crying clean Genghen point.
  Scared own sudden oppressive ideas.Lu Su rain goes on to look at a cross messy face, click on the weakened interest.
  He smoked hand, saw powdered cosmetics fingertips, a slight frown, casual to rub shoulders rain on t广州桑拿网he Soviet Union, leaving two marks, and then slowly lift the lift eyelids and said: “Do not think I do not hit women.”

chapter 2
  Su rain will always remember his first time to meet with the tyrant.
  He was wearing a black robe standing Xiulou windows nod, she looked up.
  Moonlight condensing.
  Under the window, a man with both hands after the defeat, the rise of micro, fair-skinned, forehead and arrogant, despotic attitude.
  At the foot of the piece she just took a bite of cake Hibiscus.
  The relentless tread has become slag slag.
  At first, the rain did not understand the meaning of Lu Su eyes cross, and later learned that this is called “Woman, you have successfully caught my attention.”.
  Then, the Soviet Union rain began her nightmarish life of being loved.
  She remembers the first time he turned into Su Xiulou苏州桑拿, middle of the night, her

it, I think this little space in question.”

  Song Ning Yang brow, for this small space, and she put a lot of value for the two precious jade treasures are into the ride.Means life insurance should not have much to grab this little space to take into account two, the results speak for Liu actually think this little space in question.
  But she thought Liu self-identity, said nothing, silently handed him the little space.
  ”A brief history of the continent,” Bai Xue Gong introduction part, the beginning is a summary – the boundary of yin and yang transfer, Bai Xue Gong walk yin and yang, against the chaos timing.
  One after another, so that their “timing” is the literal meaning, Bai leader can learn the palace 淡水桑拿at the time against the chaos of life and death duel moves in the wrong circumstances can change moves.
  The so-called “yin and yang”, one of the ways, in which the same as the five elements, between heaven and earth is the most basic constituent elements, which can be used to describe things inherent in the laws of nature, can also be used to describe things change.
  In short, Bai Xue Gong people go very far in a way deduction.
  Then degenerated era kicked off just no sound, is that time Bai Xue Gong Miyaji first discovered this thing.And without saying who are charged with Liu ice spiritual roots, such spiritual roots is the best practice Bai Xue Gong exercises, and now he represents the opening of this small space may be a problem, Song Ning naturally prefer to believe them.
  Touches Heng Yu, Liu looked at the self-action, it took to prevent, but also beneath it to.
  Bai Xue Gong most mysterious in eight large, multi-terminal means, but al苏州夜网论坛so the life of the people were very serious impairment door.Liu Yan is obviously not the base building mid-repair,