Yan did not answer,But stretched out his hand,Let Moy and Yunyan not talk for now。

Moy and Yunyan’s situation,She saw it naturally,I also felt this way the first time I saw each other,But it’s not that strong because of the tenacity。
“little boy,Sister has no time to talk to you now,How about I’ll talk to you alone when the matter is handled?”
For Wu Xing who can make their angels feel friendly,Yan really has no way。
You can’t fight,Angels don’t have the style of bullying others,It’s okay to learn from each other,The question is not at the right time。
In the end, Yan had to use a neutral tone with a hint of temptation。
“OK,Beauties, whatever you want,When i don’t exist。”
Wu Xing finished,Really stepped aside,Lena who looked at that called a vomiting blood。
Shame on this angel,Where did your arrogant posture go??To seduce the man she fancyed!Most importantly, his temptation succeeded!Goddess, my mind is blown up!
Heard Wu Xing’s answer,Yan also froze for a while,She didn’t expect the other party to agree so easily?
As for the other party being convinced by his own charm?Lena believes,Yan never believes,The last meeting proved that this guy in front of me,Just not ordinary people。
But fortunately, the person in front of me finally solved it temporarily,Yan set his eyes on Lena again。
“little girl,Now you say by yourself,Let me read?”
“You read it。”Lena said casually,Now she can’t wait to curse Wu Xing, it’s best to get fattened by angels!
“Lena,What are you talking about?”Qiangwei who has not spoken at this moment spoke,She didn’t understand what happened from beginning to end。
“It’s not what Wu Xing said yesterday,My wife is……”Lena is about to say,But was interrupted by Wu Xing。
“Stop and stop,What are you talking about,Why did you get involved with my wife??”Wu Xing who is a bystander,I suddenly felt something wrong when I heard this。
“Who do you think his wife is?”Yan’s eyelids twitched,Asked straightforwardly。