Xia Jian happily said:“Why didn’t you dare,Now wayward“

“Damn!I do not know either,Anyway, if she is there,Makes people feel a kind of pressure that has never been before,But her person is very nice,Never say a word to me,But it is…“Li Na talked and stopped。
Xia Jian glanced at Li Na,Did not delve into this issue further,But to say:“I can think about it,But our company just started,We can’t keep up with benefits temporarily,Besides, she is so beautiful,I’m afraid…“
“Hahahaha!”Xia Jian hasn’t spoken yet,Li Na laughed and interrupted him.:“As long as you have the ability,Sisi she is yours,Follow you anyway,Much better than me”On what occasions the women who have mixed up,Speak without hiding,Even if it is serious, it will take a while,This isn’t Li Na’s true appearance。
Sister Wang came in,said laughingly:“It’s pretty fun to watch you talk,What your mine?”
“Oh!Sister Wang,Boss Xia promised to let Sisi work where he”Li Na put away her bohemian look just now,Pretending to be very serious and said。
Sister Wang added another cup of tea to Xia Jian:“This society is like this,Different occasions,different people,You have to learn to adapt,Come to me for tea often,Sister, others will not,I still know a little bit about these”
Xia Jian hurriedly laughed:“Ok,I will come often”
When coming out of Dong Ming Xuan,It’s already two o’clock,Xia Jian thought,What kind of tea is this,The ghost may be asleep at this time,When standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus,Li Na whispered to Xia Jian:“I asked you out so late because I didn’t want Chen Sanqiang to know about it,Understand?”
Xia Jian nodded,He already thought of this。
Night breeze,Li Na couldn’t help but leaned against Xia Jian,Woman’s two slender legs,Naked in the autumn wind,Is there any reason not cold。
“Hey!Know it now, right?!Be beautiful, not temperature,Your legs can hold”Xia Jian deliberately looked at Li Na’s leg,Whispered。
Li Na said with a charming smile:“fool!This is flesh-colored pantyhose on sister’s leg,thickening,It’s not cold at all,Until the upper body is a bit cold,Don’t touch you”
Li Na said,Raise Xia Jian’s hand,He touched his thigh,Made Xia Jian a little embarrassed,But touch it,Really slippery,A little soft。
Mu Rong Sisi,Bent down with a smile,She laughed at Xia Jiandao:“Boss Xia,You haven’t even touched a woman’s stockings?”
Xia Jianyi listen,Face is slightly hot,Who are these people,Get along with a woman like Mu Rong Sisi,He doesn’t know how to carry out future work。
Work the next day,Mu Rong Sisi wore a professional skirt,Sat in the reception room early。Xia Jian yawned,Came out of his office。In order to have a place to live,Xia Jian had to partition a small bedroom at the back of the office。
“Boss Xia,What should i do?”Mu Rong Sisi stood up,A serious question to Xia Jiandao。
Murong Sisi’s dress today,Really elegant and generous,Xia Jian couldn’t help but look at her,Then pointed to his office and said:“Everyone hasn’t come yet,You help me clean up the office”He is testing Rong Sisi,Lead,Not only manage,I have to be able to do it myself。