Liao Wenjie brow wrinkled,Remove the static round gave the bead bracelet,Set it on the small frost wrist。

He is full of fearfulness,Xiaofeng can’t work,Amazing once,The soul can be scared。
“Kill kill!!”
阴 阴 重 整 型,Hide,Shouting sound,Waiting for the second cavalry to pick up the flag,Step back,Then launch a second charge。
Liao Wenjie, NEW,Ten steps after retreat,Right foot,Stone bricks in the grave collapse。
His eyes are highlighting,Left foot point,Pour,at the same time,From the right foot,People kicked out the fierce whip legs in the air。
ZHANGL light blade is sweeping the audience,Light and shadow fleet,It is difficult to capture the naked eye。Slowly shooting half-shot,Respired,Booming a piece of brick into a powder。
阴 兵 冲 冲 停 停 停,Anesthesia,Keep synchronous,Broken waist into two。The lower body is rolled in the pressure to blow into a black fog,The upper body makes the sadness,A little fog scattered。
Let’s talk about the other side,Yan Chi Xia kills the martial arts military quarantine,Take the blood in your hands again.,Improving the palm of the palm of the chaos,
Air waves continue,He kills,See the giant battle,Can’t complete,When you stop your palm,Take the nine-tailed foxes into the range of the sword,Waving the golden sword network。
Nine-tailed fox eyebrows,She underestimates Yan Chi,Few years,The latter Dao law,It’s far from seeing her in the past year.。
“This means also wants to break my rules.,When the real person tells the dream。”
She is clear from two,Run your hand to shoot,The head of the red Roth is no longer swallowed,Reverse lifeless suction,Put the golden sword,All income umbrella。
opposite,Yan Bixia is like an early understanding,Running the big sword,Insert inserted on the foot。He turned his hand to remove the long bow,Two arrows engraved with the scruggling length round。
String to full moon,Triangle arrow,With Yan Chixiacy,Dragon’s tiger,Directly nine tail foxes。
Two broken evil arrows are extraordinary,Ignoring the gravity of Hongrui,Go to the nine-tailed fox。
Crisis,Nine-tailed fox,Just listen to the golden iron,Two arrow slippery umbrella。A bounce to the distance,Cave weathered tombstone,Another……
Nine-tailed fox is not good today,Arrow,Shot,Pushing her a foot on the ground。
Black blood splash,The nine-tailed fox hurts to scream,Jiao Yanfang twisted,Looking to Yan Chi, the eyes are full of killing。
“Heaven and earth,Qiankun loan!”
Yan Bixia once again made your palm,Advantages of Raycick,It’s a mad bombing.。
I am overrunning the loud sound continuous,A burst of gas waves,Wan Yan Chinensia, you should stop,The position of the nine-tailed fox is three feet.,Wolf everywhere。
only,Only Hongrui is the same as,Good end is standing in the original place。
Nine tail fox raised hand touch arrow,The palm burning is rushing to stop,Pull down the red dragon in the umbrella,Wrapped in arrows to pull out from the back。
She spoke,Throw away arrow,I didn’t send Yan Chi.。
“See what I did,Long eyes saw,I am shooting your head,Not your feet,This arrow is yourself.。”
Yan Chinenssenees tricky,The book of nine-tailed fox is then,Hard hard hard is full,Only two items,Let him be bundled。
First is a mess,Demon,I don’t know how to practice.,Whether it is a man is a woman,Seeing that she can’t help but believe in the evil,Haven’t started,Weakly thus three points。