Zhao Hongyi listen,Suddenly laughed:“You’re pretty honest,Didn’t lie to me,I was just joking with you,As for who you are with,I really can’t manage,It’s just that you do it yourself”

Xia Jianyi listen,Zhao Hong used to scare him,He couldn’t help smirking,A pounce,Pushing Zhao Hong down to the big kang like a tiger descending,Two people laughing,Playing around,The night is no longer peaceful because of this。
Early autumn morning,Already cool。Early risers,Invisibly added a coat。
Before dawn,Xia Jian climbed out of the wall of Zhao Hong’s house,He has a lot of business to do today,Never be greedy for bedtime and miss big things。
When returning home,Parents have not got up,Not to mention Fang Fang,She is indeed the most tired one these days,Let her sleep well,Is a very good thing。
Xia Jian practiced a set of boxing in the yard,Moved my bones,Began to wash。at this time,Two old talents6Got up。
Sun Yuejuan yawned and asked Xia Jiandao:“Did you come back late last night?”
Xia Jian responded indiscriminately,He doesn’t know if it’s damn fire reconnaissance or what it suggests,So he dare not answer easily,If you show your feet,He will be embarrassed。
When breakfast is served,Fang Fang just got up in a hurry,She said embarrassedly:“You eat first,Don’t wait for me”
“OK then!I’m going to the village committee after eating,You rest,I will call you if something happens”Xia Jian said,So he started eating on his own。
Sun Yuejuan glanced at her wolf,Said distressed son:“Eat slowly,In the kitchen”
Xia Jian drank the soup in the big bowl,Grab a hot bun,Ran out of the gate while eating。Xia Zecheng saw it,A little helplessly shook his head,Life of this young man,He really doesn’t understand。
It may be that Zhao Hong called several cadres of the village committee in advance to inform,Anyway, when Xia Jian enters,,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,And Mo Yan was chatting。Only Zhao Hong sat at the desk and read a book about planting。
Xia Jianyi went in,These people stood up,Say hello to him one by one。
“Don’t be busy,Come over let’s have a meeting”Xia Jian said,Beckoned to Zhao Hong。