Because of this huge electronic screen,Looks like the flight schedule at the airport,It’s actually a military holiday mission release card exclusively for the Fifth Military Region。

This huge release card is constantly scrolling all kinds of information,All are red zone appointments issued by all parties
Service,Among these tasks,Some are issued directly by the military,Some are to undertake the needs of major consortia outside,Many of these consortia are sponsors of the military region,Rich,Some in order to obtain scientific research materials,Some are to make weapons,Even hunting mutant creatures for a big man。
These tasks will be accompanied by a certain reward,Depends on the difficulty of the task,Tasks directly issued by the military,Usually the rewards are record points,These record points can be exchanged for most supplies in the military region,Even some powerful mutant serums,There are also biopharmaceuticals that can improve strength,Of course, it also includes various powerful weapons。
And the tasks released by those chaebol sponsors,In addition to the record points common to military regions,There will be some additional rewards,Usually it’s some strategic materials in short supply,Including special weapons and materials for individual combat, etc.。
They use these popular products,I hope to attract powerful fighters to complete the task for them。
And the billboard released by this mission,Also called holiday mission card,Because in principle,Soldiers who accept missions here,Must complete the task during their vacation,During normal service time,Soldiers are not allowed to take vacation missions。This is also to ensure the combat effectiveness of military districts and blockades,The mission system is for internal competition,Stimulate the strong to improve their personal strength,If it affects the army’s combat effectiveness for mission rewards,That is turning the cart before the horse。
This semi-official mission publishing system,It is also set based on the particularity of the red zone。Because before the next exotic animal tide,The army is stationed here,A lot of time is a waste of resources,Use this mission system,On the one hand, it can play a role in training soldiers,On the one hand, it allows military masters to obtain resources,Improve combat power。
and so,Many good players in the military,Will choose to go on vacation,Then form a small team,Deep into the red zone,Perform vacation tasks。
They have never seen non-military personnel standing in front of the holiday mission card,It looks like you are about to take on a task,That’s why it’s so strange。
Lu Menglin is indeed waiting for the holiday mission,Since he is not an active soldier,So there is no holiday restriction,In principle, he can take all tasks。
And the reason why he kept staring at the task screen,Waiting to refresh,Because he is waiting for a suitable task。
A chance to go deep into the red zone,As close as possible to the core area,Go to the places where foreign life may appear。The best place where the dark black wild boar once appeared。Because that is Lu Menglin’s real goal。
According to the map information and monster manual issued by the Fifth Military Region,At present, there are only three places in the red zone where the dark black wild boar has appeared,They are Black Cliff Hole、Tiger Leaping Stream and the Valley of the Wind。
These three places belong to the heavy red haze area,Which is the junction of the mutated creature and the alien life。
Those exotic lives are behind the animal tide,Have shrunk to the depths of the red zone,Guarding the space channel。The human army has not yet been able to attack,Destroy the space channel,Can only rely on the power of mutant creatures,Build defenses on the periphery,Always guard against the arrival of the next exotic animal tide。
“With!”There is finally a new change on the screen Lu Menglin is staring at,A task related to the target location appeared。
“mission target,Steal mutant killing royal jelly500Gram,Mission location,Valley of the Wind。Task difficulty,Alevel。The task issuer is the Greek chaebol,They hope to recruit a team of high-level mutants,Requires participants with auxiliary and brain mutations。”