she was,So tired!

When Gou Hui wakes up again。
She has fallen asleep at Simmons at home。
Looked around in a daze,Gou Hui found clothes and so on,All changed。
“father……Where is Fang Yu?”
See dad coming,Gou Hui asked。
“Mr. Fang is drinking tea outside……You,Don’t care about dad。Dad for you,But suffered a lot!”Gou Shengtian groans。
“after all……Fang Yu is my savior!”
Gou Hui hesitated。
“Do not worry!He promised to stay,Wait until you wake up……As for the others,You have to grasp it yourself!”
Gou Shengtian looked at his daughter,Smile。
“dad,What are you talking about……”
Gou Hui looked shy。
She and Fang Yu,It’s just a normal friendship。
Not what dad thought!
Moreover,Fang Yu is so good,It must be equipped with better talents!
“Do you want something to eat?”
Gou Shengtian asked。