“Everyone hold on,They can’t hold it anymore。”

When Zhou Xinlin said directly to this side,Those around,Do the same。
Since now,Already planning to do this。
Then other things,I don’t think about it so much for now。
Need to solve this problem like this,In fact, this is absolutely necessary,A quick solution is the kingly way。
But just here,When Zhou Xinlin saw it,Zhou Xinlin’s heart is even more murderous。
“I will definitely get you out,You will never threaten me!”
slowly,See here in Zhou Xinlin。
obviously,For Zhou Xinlin,How should this matter be resolved?。
Actually just these problems,It definitely came so many people didn’t expect it。
I’m looking at these,at this time,Zhou Xinlin’s whole body is murderous:“Wang Teng,You should hurry up and surrender,I don’t want to embarrass you!”
When Zhou Xinlin’s remarks were finished,For Wang Teng,Wang Teng looks more and more funny。
“Haha,interesting,what did you say,You don’t want to embarrass me?”
“OK,In this case,I want to see,How did you embarrass me!”
When Wang Teng said these words,Look again。
obviously,at this point,What should I do,Actually in Zhou Xinlin’s heart,Also has the answer。
And Wang Teng,Is also quite straightforward:“You go to solve other people,this one,Leave it to me!”