This situation continued to the vicinity of the First People’s Hospital of Yun City,and so,Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner can almost be said to be the green light to the hospital。

Because of these traffic lights in the later period,They also recovered a lot of the time that Lin Yoona had lost on the road because of crying。
After Xiao Fan parked the car in the hospital parking lot,So I ran all the way to the operating room in the main building。
After arriving outside the operating room,I saw Liu Chunlan who was always anxious。
“mom,How is dad?”Lin Yuner saw Liu Chunlan,Immediately released Xiao Fan’s hand,I ran all the way to Liu Chunlan’s side。
Liu Chunlan saw that Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan were here,It’s like seeing the backbone,She hasn’t had time to say a word,Just slumped on the floor of the hospital。
As a result, Liu Chunlan’s limpness doesn’t matter,It scared Lin Yuner directly。
“mom,mom,What’s wrong with you,Don’t scare me!”Lin Yoona yelled and looked around anxiously。
Where’s the doctor?
Such a big hospital,Why can’t you see a doctor at the door of the operating room??
“Where’s the doctor?Xiao Fan,You go call a doctor!Hurry up!”Lin Yuner eagerly shouted at Xiao Fan。
“Yoona,Do not.Do not.No need to call a doctor,Mom is too anxious,It’s just anxious!”Liu Chunlan said weakly。
The way Lin Yuner saw Liu Chunlan,The whole person is about to cry。
“mom,Look, you fainted,You told me that you are fine,Look at you like this,Does it seem like nothing??”Lin Yuner asked excitedly。
“It’s okay,Mom is in a hurry,You can help mom to rest on the stool over there for a while!”Liu Chunlan insisted that she was fine。