A moment later,There are police sirens at the end of the street,A police car drove to the door of the Starbucks cafe。

Two police officers in uniform jumped from the car,After a glance,Fell on Su Xuehen’s body。
“Hello!Are you Miss Su Xuehen??”One of the police officers stepped forward and asked。
Su Xuehen nodded,Saw the police coming,I feel relieved immediately。
“We received the above command,Want us to rush here to protect you。Do I need to take you to the nearby police station??”The police officer asked cautiously。
Although I know that this kind of sudden protection task is a bit non-compliant,But they all know,This is most likely a direct order from the highest level of the police,They must implement these small tasks immediately,And it must not go wrong。
Su Xuehen hesitated,Shook his head:“Thank you,no need!I’m here waiting for my friend,I promised him。”
“Ok!Then we will be there to protect you!”
“In any case,We will all come。”The two police officers said nothing,Proactively stood beside the police car,Just staring at Su Xuehen motionlessly。
Thirty seconds later,Two vans with a Hong Kong license drove to the door of this Starbucks coffee,The door creaked,A dozen brawny men were forced out of the car,Slammed up。
These people are strong,Not only sharp eyes,Murderous,And there are all kinds of tattoos,At first glance, he is a community member。
The two police officers guarding the police car saw this,Immediately on alert,I pressed my finger on the holster。
If this group of club members are here to deal with that beautiful young lady,Just two of them,Two guns,It’s really hard to say if I can stop it?
At this moment,The group of community members who got off the van did not act rashly,But the middle-aged man headed by one of them slowly stepped forward,Walked in front of Su Xuehen。