The happier the marriage, the easier it is for men to derail?

The happier the marriage, the easier it is for men to derail?

Introduction: If the more a man behaves in a daring and unwilling manner, he will have a deeper curiosity and attractiveness for a woman. Derailment is also a matter of timing.

  A man with a happy marriage style always talks about his wife and is full of interest.

In their hearts, his wife is a treasure.

If you see such a man thoughtfully, a smile flashes in the corner of his mouth, then at this moment he must be thinking about his wife again.

  He works hard and has good interpersonal relationships.

He has thoughts, hopes, easy satisfaction, a sense of happiness, a low-key, peaceful, easy to get along with.

Such a man, although his wife never asked him how much money he would earn, how big a house he would live in, and how big an official he was, but he knew his responsibilities. The biggest wish in his heart was to let his wife and children live.Happier life.

  He intentionally or unintentionally reveals the happiness of his life in front of others, and enjoys his wife’s care and love for himself.

Rainy days off work to remind drivers to pay attention to safety text messages, greetings on special days, etc., in addition to touching the man with his wife, is used, so much so that they are willing to share with others.

  He was neatly dressed, clean, and refreshed. There was a saying “man is walking on the road, holding a woman’s hand”, which means whether his wife is virtuous and capable, depending on her husband’s appearance.

  The unhappy man is another look.

  A man who is unhappy in marriage never takes the initiative to talk about “my wife”. If the topic can’t be avoided, such a man can never say one more word in one sentence, or he can count it as waving his hand and shaking his head.Reply.

  He arrives at work every day, and is not in a hurry to go home. He does not have the habit of making phone calls at home, but frequently invites buddies to eat, drink, or play cards because his home is not attractive to such men.I don’t plan to go home every day if I don’t hang out until the end of the day.

  Who is more likely to derail?

  Men who are unhappy in marriage are often not easy to derail, because these men’s tricks are too easy to be seen.

He likes to complain about the misfortune of marriage. As long as a woman shows a little interest in him, he will want to catch the life-saving straw, and chattering about his wife’s all kinds of bad behavior, not gentle enough, imperious, and spend moneyFlowing water, no family, lack of communication between husband and wife, etc., at the end, he will say that he is tired of this marriage.

  In fact, the real motive of such a man is just to win the sympathy of other women. If he is really allowed to divorce, such a man will often find all kinds of excuses, because marriage is a transaction or another scheme for him.

Such a man is the most indifferent, and it seems that all his misfortune is caused by his wife. Such a man is hypocritical, deceitful, and suffers, and it is particularly offensive to the women around him.

  Such men are also keen to praise, but may target other women, not including their wives.

Moreover, such praise has no principle. It is so for all women, “You are beautiful”, “You are so smart”, etc. For women, lack of sincerity and familiarity, who will be fainted by such praise?

  Many women are very wary of men who are unhappy in marriage, because such men themselves have a fear of marriage, such men have no sense of responsibility, treat feelings as child drama, good at deception, and such men will have nothingGood results, many real-life lessons reminded again and again that women must be cautious in dealing with men with unfortunate marriages. Faced with men with unhappy marriages, women are now very immune.

  And it is precisely those who always put their wives and wives around their lips that make marriage easier for men.

Women in the world will have a good impression on men who live happily, because such men are broad-minded, open-minded, enthusiastic and full of vitality, and are especially attractive to women.

Happy marriage between men and other women has no particularly obvious purpose, and it is easy to relax other women. Many women will express their emotions: “There are so many men in the world, why do men in love have wives?

“That’s why.

  Due to the lack of defense of women in front of such men, and the inherent jealousy of women leads to a more affectionate, gentle, and self-presenting of the most beautiful side, it seems to compete with this man’s wife, so if a manThe more you act like you don’t dare to love and you can’t stop, the more curious and attractive you are for a woman. Derailment is also a matter of timing.

  A happy marriage man is like being wrapped in sugar, which is quite confusing.