Everyone kicked Ritara away,Li Tianchou pulled the small bench next to Zhu Lei,“Smoke a cigarette。”

“Headed,If there was any offense just now,You bear more。I originally did this thing wrong……”Zhu Lei takes out cigarettes,Bian said very apologetically。
Li Tianchou waved his hand to interrupt him,“It’s my fault。Don’t apologize to each other。I want to talk about another question,The yard next to the restaurant has a mess,And that Qian Sihu used to follow Shen Mingfang,There must be a problem。”
“Yes,We found out that Shen Mingfang was broken,I suspected Ahao,But there is no trace to be found。”
“Have you checked that surnamed Qiu?How did Qian Sihu grab this house??”Li Tianchou asked。
“Qiu is a local,Honesty。This yard is his ancestral house,Later I earned some money and turned over a two-story building。After the house was gone, he went out of town。As for the method Qian Sihu used is nothing more than a trap,Then kidnapped、Intimidate,You can’t defend。”Zhu Lei shook his head,In society for nearly two decades,I’ve seen a lot of similar things。
“Does that surname Qiu endure like this??Anyhow a local。”Li Tianchou frowned。
“Can’t bear what to do?Shen Mingfang、Chen Bin and his ilk are the time to gain power,There are homicides on hand,How can I look at the little people surnamed Qiu。”
Li Tianchou nodded thoughtfully,“That’s a coincidence,Another spoonful of stew,Whether it has anything to do with Liu Hao,Shen Mingfang is dead this time。”
Zhu Lei was taken aback,I can’t fully understand what Li Tianchou said,But I understand that the master is busy again,“Shen Ming ran away early,And our restaurant just opened……”
“do not worry,I promise to have nothing to do with everyone。If you are lucky, you can find out where Liu Hao is.。”Li Tianchou was suddenly a little excited,“Somebody help this time,And some people wipe their ass。Ha ha,Tell Broad Bean to wait for me at the restaurant tomorrow,Let him apply for a few more unregistered calling cards。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirteen Creamy
It’s chilly in the morning,Actually cooled down,The air has changed from the heat and humidity of the past,Become cold and dry。It’s late autumn,Li Tianchou counts the days,I realized that it has been more than a year since I left my hometown。The absurdity has passed so long,Faintly can’t remember what I have done this time,I only know that since I left the village in the city, I have never contacted my family again。
Parents must be anxious,I don’t know if Sandou can help me to make this flustered statement round.,Or maybe the notice of arresting oneself has been posted in that remote mountain village。Li Tianchou suddenly felt bad,He remembers that the younger sister will be married in a few months,I am afraid that my wish to go back to the wedding will be difficult to realize。