Karp made two punches,One punch to interrupt Weibull’s attack,Punch Weibull in the arm。
Got hit in the arm,The right arm that was holding the knife immediately shook violently。
Iron Fist strikes for the third time,Hit Weibull’s left arm。
This time,Both hands twitched,Naginata immediately fell to the ground。
See here for Weibull,Is also very aggressive,Raise a fist and hit Karp。
“Hahaha!”Karp saw Weibull about to throw his fist,Laugh immediately。
How many years,No one raised their fists in front of him Karp。
Unfortunately,For fist,Weibull is not very good at,Extremely clumsy。
Karp hits with two punches,Weibull was knocked to the ground。
Karp’s fists are extremely penetrating,The defeated Weibull rolled back and forth on the ground,It seems to hurt。
“Is this Liuying??”Leo watched Weibull’s performance,Secretly surprised。
Weibull is very powerful,But it doesn’t mean Weibull’s body is weak。
Able to knock Weibull and roll on the ground,Obviously Liu Ying was used。
Oh,wrong,The saying that Liuying is the country of Japan,In the navy,Call the strongest use method of this armed color:Empty play。
cover、Winding、Empty play,Is the use of armed color in the navy。
Air combat can not only achieve armed external release, but also have strong penetrating power。