“I don’t know this.,But we can tell you that the other party is more powerful than us.,If you have a hatred with her,It is best to escape.。”

More powerful than you?”
This news makes Li Hui shocked。
Qin Su Ya can be an ordinary woman who cannot be ordinary.。
Even Xianquan plus apples don’t change much to Qin Su Ya。
Such a person is actually more powerful than three in front of him.,Li Hui does not know what Qin Su Ya is going.。
“Yes,We are not the opponent’s opponent.,Maybe even our city owner should not be the opponent’s opponent。”
“So where is she now??”
Li Hui’s urgent wants to know the position of Qin Su Ya。
“We have already told you.,Who did she know?,But every time,She will appear once,And she will change alone every time.。”
This news makes Li Hui shocked,Woman who couldn’t help but think of auction,He suddenly felt that the woman seems to be Qin Su Ya.。
“Ok,last question,Who is your city owner?,What are you doing here??”
The man in purple hair has not falsely said.。
He feels that his life is really a constant lapse.。
“You are two questions,We protect some things here,As for the owner, we will not tell you.。”
Say this,The man in purple hair has the feeling of oil.。
The other two are almost almost。
Li Xiangxue saw the state of three people,Draw directly to a jade bottle per person。
Faint road:“I will come after a while.,I hope that when you answer my question, don’t hide it.。”
“The life of this jade bottle is anticogenic,Drinking you will recover,How much can you recover how much your own vitality is lost?。”
Finish,Li Hui Feng took Cui Yongan to go out。
Cui Yongan also didn’t expect that Li Hui has not killed several。
He can’t help but pick up the gun.。
“Why don’t you kill them??”
“Forehead,Several of them have used me,Of course, if you want to do it,I won’t stop you.。”
Cui Yongan heard this,Directly, it is not hesitant to shoot towards the three people.。
But he shot a moment,Three people are straight to lightning,Then disappeared。
Seeing your bullets,Cui Yong An is tightly tightened。
“I have to chase them.,This may be that I can kill their chances.。”
“Still don’t chase,Here is a powerful existence than me.,I am afraid to kill them three,We both directly like this。”
“There is also a powerful existence than you.?”
This news made Cui Yongan stunned。
He always thought that Li Hui Feng was the strongest.,I didn’t expect to have a strong existence than Li.,It is not the hand to come to the hand.?
Think here,He is not willing in his heart.,It is a deep feeling that I feel deep.。
He has always confident,But this time he is a little so-called confidence.。
“Um,Too much than me,I can feel him,He can also feel me,So we still go.,You look there,We have already been discovered.。”