“Of course, when you eat a big pot,Hold,But that after all, it’s too long.。”

“Today this street feast,Our Lianhua Village has started to hold,Don’t tell me, you should also know who this feast is spending money today.?”
“Xiao Li,Xiao Li took five thousand to hold,Don’t have a penny,It is to let everyone eat, and also promote the feelings of villagers in our villages while eating.。”
“Don’t always think about making money,Forget each other’s feelings。”
“If everyone has become a machine that makes money,No feelings,Is our village or a village??
No one knows who,I only know how to make money.,this is not good,No one’s love。”
Xu Laifu’s words made some visitors around them.。
Big city is highly competitive,Who will go to the benefit who will do feelings?
Even those feelings are just based on the interests.。
Think about clear in the big city,Obviously, it is so lonely in the sea.。
Clear in the downtown area,But there is no feeling of hierarchy。
I heard Xu Laifu today today.,A sense of resonance makes many people are quiet.。
Quietly listening to Xu Laofu。
Xu Laifu is also more and more,The more you say, the more you say。
After all, he used to meet in the village.,That’s what is the case of the villagers?,Just like the primary school students,No sense of achievement。
But today he sees the tourists of those big cities,Also stationed,He suddenly has an inexplicable sense of accomplishment。
I know that those are people.,People have to listen to him.,And also a serious look。
Think here,Xu Laofu is even more。
“There are also other villages today.,There is also a friend of Tianzhai North,But the flow of the lotus village is to the world.,As long as it is a friend of Lotus Village,Can participate free,Enjoy the participation。”
“I don’t know if there is any foreigner.,But China has an old saying,Come and not。”
“Xiao Li took 500,000 to do this stream feast,Various ingredients are top,Chef is also the best chef,Of course, there are also our villages.,These people are giving money,But I refused。”
“Everyone has already exceeded 500,000,If I let people give money,Is that still people??”
“Eating people,Drinking people,Also ask people money,Isn’t this Biline??”
“so,I don’t say fair words today.,Just when an old man says it to you.,Although Xiao Li, although there is money, but the money is not a wind blow.,Today, our people in Lotus Village are free to eat.,Under the premise of eating and drinking,How much gives a small Lee back to blood?。”
“A dollar is a heart,No one doesn’t spend money, no one says what you are,I just suggest。”
Say,Xu Jiafu went directly to the back,Drag that donation box and QR code to the stage。
“I recommend this,I use as a lead。”
This is said,Xu Jiafu took out one hundred pieces directly。
Li Hui is, I didn’t expect Xu Laifu and the potential of the road.。
I also ran up。
Take the microphone picking up Xu Laifu:“Friends and family,Dear friends from five lakes,Don’t listen to the uncle,I am just simple to lively.,I don’t want this money.,You don’t need you to donate。”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Xu Lai Fucai is not happy。
Now you have to do it.。
See this scene,Li Hui also hurriedly laughed:“Uncle, I really don’t need everyone to return to blood.,But I said that I have some face to play your face.,Then I think of a discounted approach,How do you see?”
“any solution?”
The people around also listening to Li Hui’s way。
“Everyone is willing to donate to donate,But I don’t have a penny.,How do I use these money to build a school??”
“By the time,The name of the school is called Datong Primary School.,Datong in the world,Donate from friends from Wuhu Sihai,The signature is also a friend of the five lakes.,How about it?”
The first thousand five hundred thirty-eight chapter Lang love