Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Zhong Yefu is no big deal,Don’t be afraid of him!”

Supernatural Dragon King said with a dry smile:“Just one Zhong Yefu,The key is that he and Mo Wen、Fire Lotus,Long Zhanye four people join forces,Can’t afford,Can’t afford it!”
“Forget it,This is our Aoki Club,I will handle,No need to ask outsiders to help。”The wooden knife coughed slightly,Can’t help but say。
Lu Menglin nodded,Waved,Smiled:“Well!Our alliance is officially dissolved,Lord Dragon King,you can go now!”
Supernatural Dragon King nodded,Opposite to the direction the sword demon left,Strode deep into the cave。
This person is very ambitious,Do not join hands with the wooden knife,I don’t want to be hostile to Zhong Yeo and his team,But it doesn’t mean that he didn’t continue to mix the map,The mind to profit。
Without subordinates,The supernatural dragon king dived into the depths of the cave alone,It’s easier,A ruthless person like him who has no bottom line,Murder and treasure,Assassination attack,That’s just commonplace。
After watching the Shenli Dragon King leave,Only Lu Menglin and his party were left here。
“what!Busy for nothing。This big guy turned out to be a silver wax gun tip,I really don’t like it!”Tu Shanming kicked the corpse of the two-headed Gorefiend hard,Shouted。
“otherwise,Let’s kill the spider!Somehow burst something?”Tu Shanming added another sentence without losing the opportunity。
Just rushed among the spiders,He feels good about himself,It’s really fun to kill,That’s why I asked。
but,The other three are not very interested in this matter,Because the energy of the light pattern in each body is limited,Good steel should be used on the blade,Kill those scarlet moon spiders,The revenue generated is too low,If you don’t have enough strength, you will run into big monsters,Or encounter an enemy,That’s really troublesome。
The wooden knife looked at Lu Menglin,Shen Sheng:“Alu,Where do we go next?”
Before Lu Menglin could answer,Huang Shaotian rushed to say:“Now that I have come to the place of choice,You have to take a look at the next level.?”
The wooden knife didn’t say a word,Instead, his gaze fell on Lu Menglin’s body。
Next map from the place of choice,Will enter the real terrifying land of Scarlet Moon Map,There are the Demon Altar and the Scarlet Moon Den,The legendary Chiyue ultimateboss,The Scarlet Moon Devil lives there。
Young people like Huang Shaotian,Less than forty level,I am naturally curious about the ultimate map,But an old hunter like a wooden knife,I know how terrifying the real situation is。
God people under the forty level,After entering the next floor,The chance of survival is small,Even if it’s a strong person above level 40,Every year, a large number of people fall on those two ultimate maps, And those two maps are battlegrounds,The major gangs will fight to death at the entrance of the map,Most people don’t even have a chance to enter the map,Already buried。