“It can be said that Lily has as much money as she wants,How can it be reduced to the point of selling a national treasure to treat Xiao Nizi??”

“Oh oh,Also ha,Hee hee……”Michelle touched the knocked forehead embarrassedly,Asked very puzzled,“Joe,What do you think is going on??Why did Lily atone for you??”
“Actually, the second uncle has already given the answer。”Qiao Tianyu then explained。
“what?How do I not notice?”Michelle asked inexplicably。
“Just now the second uncle said,Since Lily gave the jade pig dragon to Xiao Nizi,Xiao Nizi has become less crazy than before,The other day she said she wanted to learn to read,right?”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“Seems to say that。”Michelle nodded,But after Qiao Tianyu’s call,Michelle quickly understood。
“Oh oh,I understand,You mean that jade pig dragon has magical powers,It has an effect on Xiao Nizi’s mad disease,right?”
“Uh uh,Does that mean。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and said。
“Actually in Hongshan culture,The Jade Pig Dragon was originally a magic weapon for religious sacrifices,Is the most yang thing on earth,Maybe there is some mana。”
“And 20 years ago, Xiao Nizi went crazy because she was scared silly in the village cemetery at night.,At that time, witches and priests said that Xiao Nizi had been upper body by evil spirits。”
“It’s just that the evil spirit has a profound way,Those witches and Taoists don’t have enough spells,Unable to drive away evil spirits,That’s why Xiao Nizi has been crazy for so many years。”
“So I guess it might be the jade pig dragon as the sun,It has a strong effect on expelling evil spirits from Xiao Nizi。”
“So Xiao Nizi wears the jade pig dragon queen,The evil spirit cannot be attached to Xiao Nizi up close,That’s why Xiao Nizi’s madness will get better。”
“Oh oh,Although this explanation sounds a bit mysterious,But it’s not unreasonable!”Michelle nodded after listening,But soon a problem followed。
“Eh?Joe,Still wrong,Didn’t Lily just live in Qiaojiapu for not long?,How did she know that the jade pig dragon had a cure for Xiao Nizi’s madness??”Michelle then asked。
“wrong!Joe,I think there must be something hiding between you and Lily,right?”