If Qin Feng is here,I guess he will be surprised too。

Because in his opinion,He thought that what Ning Tian did,That’s what Ning Chenshan knew,Who knows that Ning Tian did it behind his back。
“Ning Shao said the money is not enough,Besides, there are more than one hundred thousand over there every month……”
Maizi said hesitantly,He was really panicked。
“More than 100,000,Fucking,I told him,Let him do things with me,More than 100,000 a day is possible,He doesn’t listen to this idiot,And said he was starting a business,I created the fuck。”
Ning Chenshan went completely violent,If it wasn’t for that idiot, he had been sent to the security bureau,He really wants to maimed someone。
Suddenly,The others are silent,They can’t afford to participate in this matter,This is Ning’s housework。
In the afternoon of the next day,Qin Feng was going to the vegetable plot,As a result, a car stopped in front of his house,He also stopped,I looked at this car curiously。
Others just take it off,Because there are often luxury cars outside Qin Feng’s house recently。
But what Qin Feng didn’t expect was that the one who came out this time turned out to be Ning Jianshan.。
“What’s your business?”Qin Feng knew that the other party must be directed at him,Otherwise it’s impossible to come here。
“I want to tell you something,Don’t know if it’s convenient??”Ning Chenshan’s tone is rather gentle,I don’t know why。
“alright。”Although the two are not in a good relationship,But Qin Feng won’t ignore the opponent directly。
Two people enter the house,Ning Chenshan said with emotion:“seriously,I thought about many things,But I really didn’t think about it,My nephew would go in because of you。”
“Oh?Your nephew?”Qin Feng knew that it was Ning Tian,But he is pretending
do not know:“I don’t know who your nephew is?”
“You don’t need to continue to pretend,My nephew’s name is Ning Tian,You were still angry with him before,Directly smashed more than one million,Have you forgotten this?”