A normal fine jade pendant with a diameter of two inches,You can buy at most dozens of silver。

Jade that can be collected by the shopkeeper,At least the size of a bowl,Treasures with excellent color and fineness。
But even so,More than a dozen pieces of good quality jade,In the eyes of the shopkeeper,Not as valuable as more than 900 taels of gold。
“It just so happened that Yan Hao was going back to Furong City,He should have a familiar jewelry store,Try to deal with part of it here first。”
Wang Hong opened a suitcase,Looked at the jade inside,Muttered。
He wanted to gather with that college roommate before,But the other party went to Northwest Sichuan some time ago,He has a small non-ferrous metal mine over there,Yan Hao was called back to familiarize himself with the business,Can’t get back to Furong City for a while。
Wang Hong thought he wouldn’t see him this time,But Yan Hao suddenly called him the day before yesterday。
Saying that the things on hand are finished,I guess I can return to Furong City in a few days,Let him not rush back,The two meet and have a drink before leaving。
Next day,Yan Hao who just returned to Furong City,I met Wang Hong for dinner at noon。
The two haven’t seen each other for more than half a year,A meal from twelve noon,Drink until more than two o’clock in the afternoon。
If I change to the former Wang Hong,I’ve been poached long ago,But now his physique is soaring,On the other hand, I drank Yan Hao。
But there is still something to talk about today,Wang Hong sees Yan Hao softened,I didn’t irrigate him again。