Bei Gongwang also stood by,This is the easiest battle he has ever experienced,But it is also the most complicated battle。

As the most powerful senior fighter among this group of people,But he has no room to play,It’s directly reduced to soy sauce。
boom!The Bull Demon General finally couldn’t bear such a tragic torture,Direct explosion,And it’s still a big hit,Equipment and Yuyuan burst all over the place。
suddenly,Most of the people present were stunned,They were shocked by a piece of equipment that just broke out on the ground!
“that,Is that a ruling??”
“General Niu Demon can burst the verdict?This is not true, is it!”
“Do not,This is incredible!What did that guy just do?That is really a ruling!”
Pause time,God people present,Whether it is Mu’s,Or the Beigong clan,Everyone’s eyes are red。
Chapter VIII greedy
“ruling”,Whether this weapon is《legend》In the game,Still on this foreign continent,Can be regarded as a famous soldier。
Although it is only a level 30 equipment,But it is the beloved thing of the soldiers,Can be used from level 30 to level 40,Even higher level。
At least before those mythical weapons were not present,The verdict is the real warrior,It is also a status symbol of rich and senior fighters。
Don’t talk about the border land like Hongliucheng,Even in a few big god cities,The ruling is also a rare good thing。
A god warrior,Holding the verdict and using Jing Zhongyue,There are two levels of identity。