“Wife,Wife,You pinch me hard, am I dreaming,My wife wants to cook for me,is this real?”Qin Feng was so excited that Jiang Yan pinched himself。

it is good,I meet you,See if you are dreaming!”Speaking of Jiang Yan, he pinched Qin Feng’s face hard。
“Ah ah ah,it hurts,I’m still not a wife,You are murdering your husband!”Qin Feng kept holding half of his face in pain。
“I am afraid,You have such a thick skin,Can’t feel。”Jiang Yan turned around and left。
“Ok you,I even said that I have a thick skin?See i don’t clean up you。”Qin Feng chased it out while talking。
“Wife,When you were in the office, you said Mengmeng was not living at home today,Are you suggesting something to me??”Qin Feng just forgot this,I will think of it and ask casually。
“I didn’t,What am i suggesting to you,You’re talking nonsense, be careful I’ll pinch you!”Speaking, Jiang Yan pinched Qin Feng’s face again,This time I didn’t try hard。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and One Loving young couple
“Okay, let’s stop making trouble,Driving。”Qin Feng pretended to surrender,Just to make Jiang Yan happy,Otherwise, don’t say driving during the day,Even at night he is not afraid。
Qin Feng remembered while driving,I have been to Honghai for a few months,I have been married to Jiang Yan for a few months,It’s never been like this。
Two people are like a loving young couple,Work together,Get off work together,Buy vegetables and cook together,Talk and trouble,This feeling makes Qin Feng very satisfied。
Qin Feng drove unimpeded all the way and quickly arrived at Jiang’s Villa,Qin Feng parked the car at the door,Jiang Yan saw that Qin Feng didn’t park the car in the garage,I thought Qin Feng was leaving again,So angrily said:“Won’t you get off,Where are you going?”
“Wife,You forgot,I’m going to buy vegetables,Aren’t you going to cook for me?Nothing at home,what are you doing?”Qin Feng’s heart“Chuckle”a bit,Isn’t Jiang Yan just talking?。