I heard that chubby’s face is so straightforward,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help being surprised。

what’s the situation,By the way, chubby face doesn’t shy away from lending money to GEODIS??
And when the little fat face said this,,Completely relaxed,Not a trace of unnaturalness,Doesn’t seem to be lying。
“Oh?Keying,that200You took the ten thousand dollars, right?you can tell me,that200What did you do with ten thousand dollars??”Qiao Tianyu does not give up,Asked tentatively again。
“Eh?master,Didn’t Henry tell you?”Little fat face changed into a pair of puzzled eyes,Looking at Qiao Tianyu。
“It’s you,I want to hear your explanation。”Qiao Tianyu asked back。
“Hey,Henry’s kid is really obedient!”Xiao Chuan said with a grin。
“Actually there is nothing to say,A week ago you‘uncle’GEODIS is in trouble in the British Virgin Islands and needs money,So he called me to borrow money。”
“I think GEODIS is your Joe family,Has a good relationship with you,So I didn’t think much about calling the money directly to GEODIS,It’s that simple!”The chubby face shrugged and said。
I go,what’s the situation?The chubby face is so easy to recruit?
First0351chapter Peach blossom debt
its not right,In the morning, didn’t Henry say that the little fat face would not let him tell himself about the borrowing money from GEODIS??