Fifth door《Reversal of the universe》,Li Ming likes it very much,This is a formation that perfectly cooperates with Tao Wu’s eighteen gods and demons,However, what Li Ming values more is the mystery contained in this formation.。

Sixth door《Ghost scroll》,How to cultivate ghosts,Somewhat similar to some of the Three Realms‘Homing banner’Ghost,But there are still differences。
Seventh door《Indestructible》,This is a body-protecting supernatural power similar to the eight or nine profound arts。
but,Even with the addition of Li Ming,Method of incorporating merit,The Three Realms《Bajiu Xuan Gong》In the end, only the tenth turn,Make the true god’s body barely comparable to the innate high-grade spirit baby。
and《Indestructible》The True God,But it is enough to cultivate to a level comparable to the innate best spirit treasure。
“Seven Ways,Extraordinary,but,The benefits of this chaotic monument are not just these seven methods。”
Li Ming Jin Dan trembled slightly,Full burst of mana,At the same time with mental assistance。
Under the urging of Pure Yang Mana,The Chaos Monument burst out with a strong swallowing force,Inhaled Li Ming’s second soul into the stele,And the deity is waiting outside。
This is a hazy chaotic space,But only a few hundred feet long and wide。
Li Ming appeared here out of thin air。
This space,However, it was the leader of the Nine Sides Chaos Country, which was used to imprison some prisoners who were not easy to kill.。
“The World Prison of the Nine Sides Chaos Country—Detained here‘prisoner’,Although most of them are gods。”
“but,Heavenly Immortal,The quality of mana is completely comparable to or even slightly surpassing those true immortals in the Three Realms。”
“Treasures they have,No less than a strong god。”
“In this world prison,If you don’t understand a trace of chaos,Unable to absorb the power of chaos,The energy in the body will continue to be consumed,Over time, life will be in danger。”
“For them,Even if i don’t persecute,They can also use the pill elixir in exchange for the magic weapon in their hands—Even if the premium is 100 times,They have to buy it to survive!”
“not to mention,The methods that these gods hold are even more precious。”
“Unfortunately,My current strength can’t provoke those true immortals,The real fairy in prison in this world,Every one is close to Da Luo Daozu in the Three Realms。”