Tang Yu figured out,I have to sigh:“Hero out teenager。”

In fact, he feels that Gao Yanzong may surrender Gao Baoyi.,Can feel unlikely,If this kind of words are not authentic,Say that you will only make your face。
Prohibit transcoding、No reading mode,The following is hidden,Please exit reading mode!
Gao Bo Yi is not a way to,Zheng Minmin heard after hearing,Immediately take a pen。She thought it was after Yangyang,Gao Biyi will make your own complete swallow,Thorough,I didn’t expect the other party to really just let her have“Secretary”character of。
Responsible for sorting the copy and writing。
I’m unexpected and I have been despised.,Zheng Minmin’s mood is also an abnormal complexity。
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“This letter,Do you want to read?”
Zheng Minmin asked the yellow paper from the bamboo tube asked。
The sky is late at this time,She still stays in the signs in Gao Baoyi.,Not going to rest。Look,Gao Baoyi’s two days before,I stimulate her very much。
People always have to work hard,Prove that you have existed,Not awkward。
This secret letter,Gao Baoyi is only disassembled.,I’m going to see the solitary message sent people to send news.,Prove with the gods,So he used bamboo tube to press it.。
Since Zheng Minmin asked,Gao Bao is free to hand to her:“Let,Anyway, is it not idle?。”
This seems that there is something wrong.,Zheng Minyi thought that he did not notice it for a long time.,I have to open the paper.。Paper is like a chicken feet,Wrong written than her five years old,I don’t know if anyone can write such a word.。
“Leader,Gao Huan fourteen,Although the age is light17age,But there is a city government,It is a big threat to the Lord。Harmonic has been prepared for material construction,Please announce the main publicity”
Zheng Minmin read here,I can’t read it.。
the reason is simple,Because Gao Run is her table,Zheng Tai’s son。And Zheng Tai car is the daughter of Zheng Yanzheng, Zhengshi, Zhengzhou.,Zheng Yanzu and Zheng Limin’s father Zheng Yu Zu is a brother!
I heard Gao Baoyi’s hand,It is necessary to use despicable means to disturb your own table.,It seems a bit awkward。
“This person is my heart.,Among the day,You don’t have to care。”
Gao Biyi is also a bit embarrassed,Good face is very thick,Zheng Minmin is not more,I can’t see his exception。
“Greater host,This letter is going back??”
How to,Zheng Minmin is not good,Not better to intervene。after all,Zheng Tai’s father is not his father,Fuyang Zheng’s internal interest,Sometimes it is not exactly。
For example,Other people in Zheng,I really want to take the relationship with the high-class family.,Go tightly hug 高 伯 逸 ‘s thigh!so,Gao Run is packed by Gao Biyi’s hand,For them,Not necessarily a bad thing。
Or this thing is just hurting Zheng Tai car.。
Mr. Zheng Minmin is not a world,But she is not stupid,There are not many words on weekdays.,I will not say more at this time.。From the attitude of the father’s Zhengzhou Zu,Gao Bo Yi this person,Zheng’s family,Abnormal。
certainly,Gao Runne is naturally the best。
“Reply is necessary to return,I am,You come to the pen。”
“it is good。”
Zheng Minmin Ma Li’s Grinding Mo,Sitting opposite Gao Biyi,Preparation to write a letter。
“Killing high is complete,When the bow is not shot,Threat is the biggest。High-yuan sea has been helped to help high Zhan,Packing them will。
Can not be able to,Goodness。Waiting for Luoyang Battle,After the teacher returned to the Disease,Deploy again,Do not act rashly。”