It’s four o’clock in the morning when we return to Wuhua Town,Zhu Lei is very efficient,I have found a reliable doctor,And brought emergency supplies and waited there。Everyone naturally didn’t sleep,All hands and feet helped Peng Weihua into a secluded room,Leaving Ryoko and a guy to help,Everyone else went back to the courtyard。

Li Tianchou is in a bad mood,Four people out,Come back two,And Peng Weihua was seriously injured。I have to give everyone an explanation,Everyone naturally sat around the small table,Just waiting for him to speak。
“Broad beans are missing,Life or death unknown,Old tour……Also。”Li Tianchou thought about the words,Finally, I just said it straight,It makes no sense to hide it。In addition,He doesn’t think You Shilong is really dead,That’s just Sun Guaizi’s provocative words,But he was not found on the upper and lower floors,It’s not optimistic。
“We will find,What is life and death unknown?I have to see people even when I die。”Wen Hui, who rarely speaks, finally couldn’t control his emotions,He is very excited,Depressed for a long time。Recalling the mountain party,People who sat at three tables,Only a few days,A few left?
“Can’t go now,Shui Tian Yi Se has been blocked by the police。”Li Tianchou shook his head decisively,Messed up all night,Can’t speak clearly in a few words,But the attitude must be clear。
“to make,You don’t go i go。How can I leave them alone??”Wen Hui stood up suddenly。
“I go with you。”Zhang Wen also stood up,Staring coldly at Li Tianchou。
“Not allowed to go!”Li Tianchou looked up at the two,Decisive tone,“No one is allowed to go out from now on,Wait for my master to get better,Change place immediately。”
“My grass,Shrink yourself,Still stopping us……”Zhang Wengang’s foul language was immediately pressed by Zhu Lei to sit down。
“How to talk?You go?Are you two great or the four of them great?First listen to the master and tell the story,Need to be so impulsive?”Zhu Lei said,He took Wenhui to sit down again。His words make sense,But it obviously implies doubts about Li Tianchou’s actions all night,Just a polite。
But in Li Tianchou’s view,Zhu Lei’s words are not a reminder,After the natural is to say,I just didn’t expect him to be honest by nature and say the result first,But cause trouble,Change in this regard。He feels deeply,It’s not a day or two to train and stab the heads。
Although Li Tianchou’s eloquence is not bad,But it took a bit of effort to get a general idea of what happened at night。Everyone was silent,thrilling、Popularity is not what everyone cares about,But the complexity of the matter is far beyond imagination,Does this mean that the hope of finding Uncle Geng’s whereabouts will be even slimmer??
“and so,Things are going up at night,Everyone must be careful。”Li Tianchou seizes the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot,“I can’t stop looking for clues to Uncle Geng,But we can no longer cast a net blindly,Tomorrow I will go to the county town to find out the news,Discuss after you come back。”
“I’ll go as well,More than one person can always take care of it?”Zhang Wen’s words this time are a lot more polite。
Li Tianchou understood that he was worried about the whereabouts of Broad Beans,He is also anxious,But the attitude must not be vague,“You stay and take care of my master。I’m responsible for the broad bean,Within two days,Life or death,I will give you an explanation。”
“I said why are you so stubborn?What is the difference between going alone and going two people?”Zhang Wen is in a hurry again。
“It makes no difference,So i go,You don’t have to go。From now on, I promise everyone’s actions are unified、coordination。But this time an exception。”Li Tianchou said and stood up,He is really exhausted,After seeing Peng Weihua,He must hurry up and sleep for a few hours,Otherwise I can’t stand it。
Zhang Wen has to fight again,But Zhu Lei stopped him with his eyes。
“and also,Brother Zhu,How can we take care of Cai Jiayuan??I am worried about safety over there。”Li Tianchou took two steps,Suddenly remembered Xufengtang,He did not mention what happened to Liu Qiang and Ling Feng last time.。