Get!Almost forgot,Brother Hu is still broadcasting,You can watch the situation in real time on your phone,Jiangnan quickly took it out,See how Brother Hu kills all quarters inside。

The beauties around him,Not noisy at this time,Quietly watch the actor play inside。
Hu Yang and Hua Zai followed the manager,Come to a luxuriousvipGambling room。Hu Yang looked inside:“Full of people?Look elsewhere。”
He mainly didn’t see the Japanese,So didn’t go in。
The manager has no objection,Take Populus down a gambling room。Next room,And location,Was actually denied by Hu Yang,This is a bit weird。
If it wasn’t for this young man holding a bargaining chip of more than one billion,I’m afraid he will have to ask why。
“All white,I do not like。”Hu Yang reluctantly explained,It’s an explanation。
Get!This reason,Isn’t white people’s money money??The manager complains。
The next gambling room,Hu Yang finally saw the Japanese,Seems a little unlucky,Look like a miserable loss,All the chips in front of you have been lost。
“Is it here?I think that guy is leaving the table。”Populus euphratica。
The manager was very gentle and helped Hu Yang open the door,Please go in,Flattery:“Yes!That Japanese has lost all,We came just right。”
Gambling table,Four people in total,A korean,A big dog family in the Middle East,There is also a black man。
The Japanese are obviously not yet convinced,I’m still unwilling to give up my position even after all the chips。