Hugging and slamming is the most useless trick of Daemon Gengoro,Rush straight towards the enemy,Easily interrupted,Instead, it became a flaw in the combo。

Except novice,Almost 90% of the people who play Daemon Gengoro,Basically don’t use this trick。
But Lu Menglin used it,And it was actually used in the last two seconds of the game。
Under normal circumstances,Unless the opponent does not move,This trick can’t hurt people。
But at this moment,Gengoro, the dark boy’s gate, did not move,Because he chose to squat to defend,Of course you won’t move if you squat down。
Bang!The two strong bodies are tangled together firmly,Gengoro, the gate of the black and thin boy, was thrown out,Lost the blood volume of the last advantage。
There is only one second left,Do not!exactly,Time has been cleared,But there is a final delay。
The gate that Lu Menglin controls, Gengoro, is like a tiger,Without hesitation, he threw up。
This is the absolute confidence of the strong,This is the perfect crush of momentum,He wants to win!
At this moment,A sharp light burst into the eyes of the black and thin boy,Do your best,Slap on the overweight keystroke。
He did not escape,But chose desperately,Give it a go,Bet your life on luck。
Gengoro, the two gates with only blood, was at the last second of the time pause,Crashed together again。
The controls of the two are almost completed at the same time,This also means that the attacks of both characters have taken shape。
boom!Two bodies fell to the ground at the same time,KO!
Hard to believe,Actually hit a tie,And it was done with a character like Gengoro Daimon。
For a time,The whole game hall is silent。Everyone was deeply shocked by this wonderful scene。
So the King of Fighters can still play like this? Labeled like this,If it were in the comics, it would be a perfect scene。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,He thought he would kill with blood,I didn’t expect it to be a tie。