“Mr. Qin,you!”

Guo Ran trembled,What’s the matter!
Why can Qin Feng catch the tattoo dragon’s attack so easily?
The waiter who just gave a short report to the tattoo dragon was frightened,He originally thought Brother Long would be fine if he came,Even want to be able to point rewards,But now,what happened?
Let alone the driver,He knows clearly,Tattoo dragon get serious,Even the reinforced concrete walls can blast!
What is going on now!
“Your kid is looking for death!”
Tattoo dragon thinks he might be dazzled,Punch again immediately,This punch,Filled with internal force!
Whoever comes this kid is dead!
Tattoo dragon thinking angrily。
Still that palm,And held his fist easily again。
When the tattoo dragon looks awkward,Qin Feng spoke:“You want to die,Want to live?”