My son revenge,I’m willing to let someone from our side be a cow and a horse。”

The handsome young man patted his shoulder。
“Mr. Liu,do not worry,Both of us are partners,Now you have been so unfortunate,As a companion, how can I meet and die?,How about this,How about i send old star to help you?”
I heard the word Xinglao,Liu Xuesheng’s father first showed a touch of fear,Then my eyes were filled with excitement,He has seen the fear of the old man,If there is an opponent,The child who hurt his son will undoubtedly die。
Thought of here,Liu Xuesheng’s father gritted his teeth and said:“In that case,Thank you Li Gongzi,This kindness,My family will repay you as a cow or a horse。”
“Haha,You don’t have to be a cow,As long as you become the number one overlord of Liuli City, it is your best return to me。”
Skittles on a mountain,Here stands a typical western castle,Inside the castle,A man named Chen Youxi and his uncle Chen Nanfei knelt nervously in the hall,Waiting for the adult inside。
About half an hour later,There was a vague voice from all around。
“Take this seriously?The big man I sent to you was killed by a mysterious kid in your Chen family?”
“master,This is real,That kid is amazing,My Chen family suffered a lot of damage。”
The voice suddenly became cold,At the same time, the two felt that their brother was hitting a boulder,Then he fell heavily on the tea table behind,Blood came out from the corner of the mouth。
At the moment,The door was pushed open from outside,Staggering outside, a figure came in。
“master,You must be the master for me,I was almost killed in Liuli City。”
“Small river?”
The voice sounded again,With a little surprise:“Who hurt you like this,I even used the Black Snow Pill I gave you。”
“Is a mysterious kid,The opponent beat me severely with just one punch,Fortunately, the disciples are lucky。otherwise,Otherwise, Master, your old man will really not see the apprentice,Woo!”
Talking,That Xie Xiu actually started to cry。