All of them are very angry about Lin’s domineering,But they are also powerless,Because they all know that the Lin family is rich and powerful,This house will be finished in a day,There is nothing wrong with this matter,That’s very false。

“Qin Feng,Do you think this place might really develop??We need to know that we all have hope,But it turned out to be so hopeless,My heart is also upset。”
Shi Dachuan sees more,So he is also a bit helpless,The others are listening。
“This matter,I dare not say the extra,But it took the Lin family to close down,Then everything will be restored,I also said directly,These villages will definitely develop。”
Because Tianguang and Huang Junjie’s funds are used to prepare for the development here,When the Lin family closed down,Some contracts no longer exist。
Qin Feng is also very bad to tell some things,He also wants to know how Lin Xiqian will feel,At that time, the two sides discussed with each other several times,This is just released one by one。
under these circumstances,Will Lin Qianqian be angry??
“Holding grass,There is such an operation,I said that the person who made Tianguang so benevolent,How could he betrayed because of some interests??”
“That’s great,I am also relieved,According to them,This should be very simple?”
“Qin Feng,Since the people and fields in this village are already like this,Why don’t you move to our village,How is this situation?”
suddenly,Wang Rui said very curiously,He really has some thoughts。
If Qin Feng and others pass by,,Some things will not continue to make noise。
Don’t say anything,Everyone here alone can get several thousand yuan per month,They all envy and hate。
Some people think that this money is very scarce,But they did not think of a situation,That is to use this money in a village,That’s more than enough。
Lin Qianqian has not been here anymore,Because she felt something wrong with her thinking。
It seems that Qin Feng has calculated it into the bones now。