Xia Jian knows,There are people like this everywhere,Just want to wait for nothing,How can there be so many good things in the world。He was going to give hundreds of dollars just now,I didn’t expect this lion to open his mouth,Treat him as a cash machine。

Arrow on the string,Had to send。Xia Jian sighed,Just wait for the fat man to do it first。Do what you do,He never loses in the rationale,Otherwise in case something happens,He still can’t tell。
“Fat brother!Do you still need to work together??Just leave it to me”A tall guy said,Rushing up to hit Xia Jian’s face is a punch。
Just when Xia Jian was about to dodge,This guy suddenly retracted the punch he punched,Another fist struck out with lightning。Xia Jian almost fell in love with this man。He turned out to be a fist,But this punch is a bit old,So I can’t tell if it’s true or not。
In a hurry,Xia Jian waved his left hand to block,Just listen to a bang,Two arms bumped together。A lot of strength,Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,If I hadn’t prepared it earlier,Tantian,If your feet are strong,He was flying out early。
But Xia Jian, who was relieved, would never give both parties any chance,The stick in his hand made an arc in the air,Forcing anyone to take a step back,Then Xia Jian was a vertical leap,Leg kick out。Just listen to a scream,Who lay two meters away early。Xia Jian only used half of his feet。
Fatty felt that they had a hard stubble at this moment。The person who took the initiative just now should be his most powerful general,I didn’t expect to lose and land on my ass。
“Come on!”Xia Jian roared,A bit majestic。
The fat man bit his head and shouted:“Let’s go together”From the tone of his words,Xia Jian has heard that he has no confidence。It turned out to be a bluff。Xia Jian sees a lot of people like this,Actually, he didn’t do such things less when he was young。
Who under it, look at me,I see you,No one wants to go up。Xia Jian laughed,Suddenly jump forward,The stick in his hand swept away。
Unexpectedly, these people hurried away all at once,Even the fat man ran more than ten meters away,Where are you standing and dare not come。
”You bastard came here again?“A woman’s voice came over。
Xia Jian turned around,From the field,A rural woman in her thirties who ran out,She is tall,Although the complexion is not as pale as the women in the city,But compared with these people standing in front of you,Also the whitest。
The woman wore a checkered shirt,It may be because the chest is too full,The buttons of the clothes are tight,Feel a little harder,This button will fly out。
“sister!Why are you running again? This guy parked the car in our house,I brought the brothers over and said。You go back if it’s okay!“The fat man said,He stood in front of this woman。
This woman pushed the fat man away,I pulled up and sat on the ground and grinned.,Coldly cursed:“Shame,Still said nothing“
“Dongmin sister!Brothers are running tight recently,Fat brother takes us out to find money for cigarettes,I didn’t expect this guy to be so good“The big man said a bit wronged。
The woman walked up to Xia Jian,Xia Jian can see clearly,She wore a pair of white washed jeans,But quite appropriate,Make the two long legs more even and slender。