Looking back at Zhu Guosheng,All the curse words came out of Xiang Chen’s eyes。

no way,Speak,I might have to change my breath,By the time of breathing,Zhu Guosheng has a chance to catch up and slap himself to death。
“You should know,For a killer,The same way will not have a second chance to work!”
Zhu Guosheng, who has been chasing after Xiangchen, finally speaks,It is the first to give Xiang Chen a chance。
When Xiang Chen fell to the ground and got up,There is no communication between the two,Repeated pursuit and suppression,Zhu Guosheng still didn’t say anything to Xiang Chen,Until the overwhelmed Xiang Chen jumped up and down like a monkey,over time,Zhu Guosheng found that he was slower than the kid in front of him for almost a second,The gap is too big!
Took the initiative to expose a flaw to Xiang Chen,Zhu Guosheng’s bet is that Xiang Chen can’t help but fight back,He has great certainty,At my current speed,Before Xiang Chen pierced the tiger spirit into his body,Killed Xiang Chen。
Always pay attention to opportunities,Zhu Guosheng’s chasing Xiang Chen slowed down intentionally under his control,If you continue to play this game,I might really be consumed by the kid in front of me。
Simply Zhu Guosheng gave up the pursuit,Anyway, the corpse of the courier is here,That girl doll is there,Before I killed myself,Zhu Guosheng doesn’t believe that Xiang Chen will leave alone。
Zhu Guosheng did not expect to sell the flaws on his own initiative,Xiang Chen didn’t choose to counterattack,And Xiang Chen did not expect,Zhu Guosheng will suddenly stop。
Panting,Used it for a while,Only when Xiang Chen adjusted his breath。
“You can keep running,No reason?Friend’s hatred,That’s it?My age,You thought I would really waste my energy with you?”
Zhu Guosheng smiled and looked towards Xiangchen,He recovers his breath faster than Xiang Chen。
Seeing Xiang Chen’s helpless expression,Zhu Guosheng continued with a smile:“I look at chicken soup and say that running for a few kilometers can cure mental illness,You run for a while,Should feel very comfortable!” Made a gesture of inviting Xiang Chen,Zhu Guosheng is a posture that Laozi intends to wait for work。
“Old man,Ghost。The fucking thing is that the older you get, the more shameless you are!”
Xiang Chen scolded,Then walked towards Zhu Guosheng。
I have to admire the wisdom of the older generation of conspirators,A few words from Zhu Guosheng,He actually blocked the possibility of turning defeat into victory.。
Lan Youmeng watched from a distance,There are also mixed flavors in my heart,If you change Xiang Chen’s position to yourself,Lan Youmeng thinks he can’t do better than Xiang Chen。
Ten steps!Nine steps……Zhu Guosheng silently calculated the distance between himself and Xiang Chen,After Xiang Chen entered his effective attack range,Zhu Guosheng was also suddenly attacked。
Come first,Zhu Guosheng’s palm has changed the shape of Xiang Chen’s clothes。
Gritting his teeth and stabbing the tiger spirit,Even if Xiang Chen is slapped by Zhu Guosheng,I shouldn’t be able to die,But abolished one of his arms,Still very happy!