He is slightly eyebrow,Where to find another ability,Alien people?

He shakes his head,Seems unrealistic,People nowadays,Only look at the interests in front of you,That will consider。
He turned back to the office,Suddenly heard someone called him,“European secretary。”
Ou Jingli slowly turned,Ning Feifei hugs the information toward him。
She is wearing a white professional dress,Tail,Completely exposing five officials,Exquisite and small nose,Lip is delicate cherry powder,That pair looked at the apricots of the European,I instantly let her have a sharp face.。
“European secretary,This is the blue director winter budget,You look at it。”
European,Slight surprise,“Blue director moves really fast,Winter budget comes out。”
Ning Feifei looks at him slightly low in the eyes,Look at many gentle,She slowly overflows a sweet smile,“Blue Director said,Autumn products are better than budget,She is now relieved.,She is already preparing for the winter design map.?”
Ou Jingyi listened to this,Shallow smile:“It’s a blue Xin。”
Ning Feifei smile:“That is,Now the company,The blue director is the designer who is not allowed.。”
Ou Jing, looked at her smile,I can’t help but read it.,“Let me consider,If there is no problem,Total directly。”
“it is good!Hard presbyte secretary。”
Ning Feifei smiled and left。
Ou Jing, also turned back to his office.。
Lu Haoge returned to his office,I have been unhappy,Looking at the computer screen,I always have a variety of ideas.。
The only worried thing is dear, my wife forgot his birthday.。
before,But the blue blue is mostly his birthday.。
He picked up the phone,Playing Gu Yi Lin,The phone is quickly connected。
Gu Yi Lin:“Ah Cheng,What’s up?”
“Memorize,You go to Jiaqijia tomorrow night.,Blue-blue is going??”
he asks。
Gu Yi Lin smiled:“Ah Cheng,Xiao Yi。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Have a lot of peace of mind。
Gu Yi Lin also asked:“what happened,What’s matter?”
Lu Hao Cheng:“fine,I just want to know that the blue is not going.?”
Gu Yi Lin:“?”
Can’t go,He isn’t he knowing??
How to call and ask him。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Memorize,congratulations,When Dad is。”
Gu Yi Lin:“”Congratulations now??
“thanks,Congratulations,In the case of we don’t know,Live our family。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Is it useful to find him now??
“Memorize,You are not right.,How can I cheat blue?,Blue is voluntary,Have you asked blue blue??”
Gu Yi Lin:“Is this kind of thing to ask??
My family is very simple.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He thought of so much.,Does he explain it??
Besides,Does he look like a liar??
“Memorize,this matter,I will take a time to come over and tell you family.,Wedding, I am also negotiating with blue blue.,After waiting for the end of the international competition, we will do wedding reception.。”
Lu Hao Cheng explained,Gu’s family is not happy, he didn’t give a blue blue wedding.。