When Wang Teng finished speaking,,Those around,I even looked in front of my eyes。

obviously,Such a thing,What should I do。
Actually just this,It is beyond doubt that it has come。
And the people around,They nodded one after another,Very excited。
“Since this is the case,Then next,I think we should still have this need to handle this matter properly.。”
“makes sense,But since I started from now,How to solve it,This is even more important。”
“Now it’s ready,Then hurry up!”
When the people around are talking,And Long Xinhu,Is more interested。
“boss,anyway,I must also participate。”
When Long Xinhu’s words are finished,at this time,Wang Teng sees here,Whole person’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
Other things,I won’t say so much for now。
But then,Such a thing,Actually it’s almost processed。
Next,Just wait until these things are completely resolved,Then look at the situation。
And as Long Xinhu said these words,This moment,Those around,I look forward to it very much。
After all now,Such a thing,How to solve it。
Actually just this,It’s more important。