the next morning,inrIn a luxurious villa in the city。

One wearing greypoloThe middle-aged man in shirt is sitting at the table while drinking sauerkraut and millet porridge,On the front left is a huge TV screen,The morning news is playing。
This person is Song Kangsong’s father Song Litao。
Get up early every morning,It has been his habit for many years to watch the morning news while eating breakfast。
This habit can help him maintain a healthy body,And learn about different market information,It was these two things that made him hold his family business,And under the new economic wave,Opened up new frontiers。
I received a call from Qin Feng last night,The other party even threatened him,This makes him very unhappy,Then choked back,Declining in momentum。
Just to be cautious,After hung up,He found his son again,Inquired again in detail about the conflict with Qin Feng,And repeatedly asked if Qin Feng was some big leader,Son of a rich man。
After getting her son Song Kangsong’s repeated confirmation,,I just let go。
suddenly,His porridge hand froze,Then flick。
Just hear a bang,The tableware slipped from his hand on the table,The porridge in the bowl spilled out,The small bowl turned twice on the table,Then it hit the ground with a bang。
And he,Ignore these at all,Just staring at the TV screen。
I sawrThe male host of the city’s news channel broadcasts a piece of news with a magnetic voice:“The health care product market for the elderly market has always been uneven,It can even be said that there is chaos。”