Li Tianchou took a closer look,This person’s chest and back are covered with scars of all sizes,Sure enough。

Mahjong’s complexion eased,Nothing more,Take out an ordinary one-yuan coin from his pocket,In my hand,“Just guess the literal。Fight for life,Only have one chance。I’ll make a rule,If you guess right at the same time,Guess first is win;Guess wrong at the same time,Guess first is to lose。”Speaking of showing the coins to Li Tianchou and Hao Biao respectively,It’s a proof item。The big guys around are itching at the moment,I don’t care about it。
Mahjong’s thumb and index finger gently pinch the coin and stand on the table,“it has started。”A pinch of two fingers,The coin spins rapidly on the smooth tabletop like a top。A group of big masters staring at the desktop with their heads down,Eyes glimmering like a gambler。
Li Tianchou and Hao Biao both seemed a little nervous,It’s a game of death after all,Guessing the coin is more subtle,In full view,Not good at doing tricks,Seems fair。But if there is no bullet in the gun,It doesn’t matter if you guess right or wrong,But if there are bullets,That will kill you。
“Snapped”The sound of,Mahjong single palm pressed the rotating coin,Look at the two game adventurers with a smile,“Who comes first?”
“I first!”Hao Biao handles Chad Lao Gao,Although his mind is straight,But also know the importance of seizing the opportunity。Mahjong turned his head,“Little brother,You are a guest,Don’t you fight for priority??”
Li Tianchou shook his head,“Doesn’t matter,Life and death,In no hurry。”Mahjong froze,I can’t tell that the young man in front of me is still playing very deeply,Turning and nodding at Hao Biao again。
“Boss,Literally above!”
“you sure?”
“Uh……”Dense beads of sweat ooze from Hao Biao’s forehead,Like a drum in my heart,Extremely difficult to choose。
“speak,Like a bitch。”Mahjong frowns,very unhappy。
“Uh……determine。”Hao Biao made a lot of determination,The lack of confidence in the voice betrayed his panic and nervous heart。
“Ha ha,Where’s the little brother?”
“Then I guess it’s literally。”A light and fluttering sentence from Li Tianchou,Suddenly no longer nervous。He has great eyesight,At the moment when Mahjong’s hand pressed against the coin,Seeing that the spinning speed of the coin has slowed down,And there are slight signs of dumping,The probability of literally facing upwards is greater。But since Hao Biao guessed it first,It’s meaningless to follow his answer,It’s better to guess the opposite,Boss,Also a helpless choice。
“confirmed?”A subtle weirdness flashed on Mahjong’s fat face。
Li Tianchou nodded,Did not speak。At this moment, the palm of Mahjong slowly moves away from the desktop,The surrounding atmosphere suddenly tense。
The round coins are clearly presented in front of everyone:A blooming chrysanthemum!
“how is this possible?……”Hao Biao stared with triangular eyes,Yelled extremely unwillingly。The big guys around also exclaimed in unison,While feeling incredible,Looked at Hao Biao sympathetically。