He is now under house arrest,I don’t know what the chaos outside is like。Luo Yi will definitely call him,But when she found out that Xia Jian’s phone was turned off,What would she think??and also,Only Bai Li knows the hotel he stayed in,How could Wu Qian find where??

A series of questions,The more Xia Jian thinks about it, the more complicated it becomes。It seems that he underestimated it,I thought it was overSTAt the branch, he can go back to his hometown to prepare for the New Year,He even thought about his marriage to Luo Yi。Unexpectedly, he made a random decision,Involved himself in the Luo family’s housework dispute。
Time goes by,Xia Jian lying on the carpet,Not a trace of chill,I even feel the heat all over,Seems to be sweating。
Xia Jian can’t lie down anymore,He suddenly sat up。The soap opera continues to be played on TV。Xiaona’s shoulders on the bed are slightly exposed outside the quilt,She slept very sweetly,I don’t say two dreams every now and then。
To know,Xiaona also drank white wine。Even if she drinks too much,But it’s still somewhat useful。For example, sleep at ease。
The thought of this nasty woman just stepped on his face with her foot,Xia Jian really wanted to rush to tear off the quilt from her,Humiliate her well。But Xia Jian did not do this,He is a man,In the second place, he has something to do。
How to do?How to do…A long string of question marks ran across his brain。
Xia Jian holds his head in both hands,Really hard thinking,Finally he stood up。The current situation is only one way for him,It’s the best policy to escape from here,Otherwise, his situation will become more and more troublesome。
Even if he doesn’t cooperate with them to take pictures tonight,But behind?Who knows what other tricks they will use?So the 36th plan is the best。But he can’t go out like this,It seems that I have to do something from Xiaona。
With this idea,Xia Jian first walked gently to the door of the room,He locked the door from the inside,Then he turned around and walked back。
Look around,Did not find anything。Xia Jian suddenly had an idea,Stepped into the bathroom。Disposable washing utensils in the bathroom,Is this a place to stay??
Xia Jian has no time to think about these issues,His eyes fell on a plastic comb。Xia Jian took it,Break with your hand,A pointed knife becomes。
Threat tools have,You have to tie Xiaona with a rope or something。Xia Jianyi walked out of the bathroom,Eyes fell on Cortana’s flesh-colored stockings on the hanger。This thing should work,Xia Jian seems to have used this when he saw bad guys bind people on TV。Then he will be a bad guy for a while。
When Xia Jian walked to the bed with these things,Xiaona actually woke up at this time,She almost screamed in surprise。
“you…What are you doing?Oh!President Xia originally liked to play a little bit more exciting,That’s it”Xiaona said,He even opened the quilt on her body。Xiaona’s body appeared in front of Xia Jian。
Cortana’s bold and casual,A little scared Xia Jian。His eyes closed,Then jumped on,He fumbled and tied Xiaona’s hands to her back,Then I put the quilt on Xiaona’s body,These simple actions,Xia Jian felt like she was sweating。