This answer makes Li Xiang’s surprises, but also acceptable。

“Ok,Let me talk about what I talked to him with the following things I have to do.,But I hope you know that these guarantees that you don’t say it in this life.,Because you say it once, you will involve me with your dad.。”
Li Huifeng originally didn’t want to smile with Yang Xiao’s plan,But he doesn’t feel it.,Yang Xiao is laughing, there will always be an obsession,It’s better to say it early.,Let each other put your energy in other places。
“Do not worry,I won’t say more.。”
“That line,I will tell you by truth.,I want you to pay attention to your dad.,But the premise is that he wants to give you at least $ 500,000.,After the money,I will went to waste him with your dad.,After all, if you let the other party really get rid of,Kneeling prison,Three years in an instant,He is still going to school,From a legal point of view,Although he has been adulthood,But as long as there is a school, you will be very delicious.。”
“For such a slag animal,I feel so cheaper with your dad.,We want him to live in pain in a lifetime.,Of course, what to do,I can’t say it.,Is this secret like??”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Looking at the people on the back of the cattle。
Yang Xia laughed for the first time, he was very serious about Li Hui Feng.。
“Yang Da Ge,If this is my dad,I feel nothing,But why do you want to do this??
For what??”
She is not familiar with Li Hui,She feels that the other party is completely unnecessary to help her.。
“hehe,For a sideways in the heart,Or for a little justice,After all, there are quite a lot in this society.,Since I have encountered me,And I have that ability,Why don’t you try it??
Otherwise, there will be regrettable。”
Li Hui said that the wind is light when he said this.,But Yang Xiao smiled but felt that Li Hui’s firm belief。
It is also a touch of road without her.:“Do not leave regrets??
Then I think I also understand something.。”
Just finished this,Yang Xiao smiled, he felt that there was a heat strike in the lower abdomen.。
Then the heat is full of full body。
At this time, the rhubarb is also coming to a pool-water in the valley.。
I can see a waterfall in a waterfall from the mountain.。
Tanishish clear,There are even some fish in the future.。
The warmth of the body slows slowly into hot,Yang Xiao Xiao suddenly thought of Li Hui Feng said in the bottle of water.,Is this a pharmacodynamic attack??
But why should you fever??
Don’t make a bad feeling in my heart,I even feel that Li’s wind is accompanying her to see the mountain, it seems to have a premeditude.。
How is your face so ugly??
Is it uncomfortable??”
Li Hui also saw the change of Yang Xiao smile,Can’t help but ask。
But his concern,But let Yang smile be more fearful。
“No,Lee brother,Do you want us to go back??”
Chapter 499
The front is a waterfall.,And you can also catch crabs to roast it.,Waiting for you to enjoy the waterfall, we can also go deeper deep mountains and enjoy the hundred flower valumes.,Although it is autumn now,But there is still a lot of wild chrysanthemums,very beautiful。”