Chen Xiu and Zhu Huiwei hugged and rolled forward together,Suddenly I felt my body floating,Out of control,Just fall straight。

There is a broken stream on the mountain,Covered with snow,Unexpectedly, the two rolled forward on top of the snow in the broken stream,Drop off。
Chen Xiu heard the wind,Look down,See more than thirty meters below,The stream is a rushing river,Pray silently in my heart:“The water must be deep,The water must be deep!If the water is too shallow, you can’t directly fall to death。”
I’m about to fall to the surface,Zhu Huiwei suddenly turned around to wrap him up,Backpack。
“My zombie body is harder than you,I come to fight,You hold me tight!”Zhu Huiwei shouted。
“Two people’s weight acceleration together,It’s a piece of iron that is about to fall!”
“No way,We must figure out how to slow down the force of the fall!”
I’m about to fall to the surface,Chen Xiu’s right hand sent a knife blow to the water,Hit the river splashing,By the force of counter shock,Falling only slightly reduced,See also the knife gas stirred up water for several feet,Under the river is still not bottomed,Feel at ease,This river must be extremely deep,You can’t die this fall。
808 Upstream
Chen Xiu is now protecting the whole body,Take a deep breath。
Chen Xiu and Zhu Huiwei hugged each other and plunged into the water。
Fall into the river,Sink into seven、Eight meters to the bottom of the river,Secretly lucky,If the river isn’t deep enough, I’m afraid it’s going to fall into mud。
Float to the surface,Poked his head out for a breath,Seeing the white tiger running down from the hillside,Although fast,After all, it can’t be compared with my own fall,Actually far away。