Above the sky hidden by Li Tianzhu,A bunch of cotton-like things floated outside Nantianmen,Looks shaky,Weak。

Pi Xiu discovered this thing first,My eyes rounded, I don’t know what to call this miserable guy,But it knows that this is the incarnation of God of War,An avatar who is incapacitated and about to die,I also remember that he was here,Bringing Tiangong seals to control the chaos inside,Pai Yao has a good impression of him,But why don’t you rest well??Only enter deep sleep,There is hope。
“big cat,Don’t stare at me。”
The cotton ball’s tone makes Pai Yao sound very unpleasant,But in my bones it feels like this should be the rule。
“Why do you still have to go to Nantian Gate in this situation?”
“Help,Can’t see?That bastard outside is about to twist his braids。”
“Uh,God knows something。”Another beast also recognized the incarnation,It’s a little bit smarter and euphemistic than Pai Yao,A few words to understand the reason,Li Tianzhen’s situation,It and his companions also see,But can only be in a hurry,They are actually the eyes of the Great Seal of the Heavenly Palace,It is absolutely impossible to leave without the command of the Fire Palace Master,The Lord of the Old Palace,Then the new palace owner must order it。
And once left,Great array collapse,It’s not just as simple as chaos,The projection of the Huoyan Temple may be completely destroyed。
Incarnate and almost fell to Nantianmen,The two seemingly majestic beasts,I have iron bumps in my head,Much stupid than the refined puppet,Isn’t the new palace lord Li Tianzhi?If he has his braids,Everyone is finished,What kind of shit??What’s the use of Tiangong projection even if it is lucky?How long can I support it alone?Maybe he was swallowed by the evildoer in the deep mountain。
But it’s too late to reason with the rectum,The incarnation of the strong fighting spirit sacrificed the Tiangong seal,This thing has not been returned to Li Tianzhi since he returned,It came in handy at this time,“Li Wen、Lihuo Hearing!”
Sound atmosphere、Ethereal,Let the two beasts stunned,But see that high above、The shining celestial seal,Although they hesitate,But still bow down。
“Go help that kid fight right away,Hit hard,Make no mistake!”
“But this heavenly palace……”
“There is a Tiangong printed on,Safe and sound,What are you talking about?!”