“Xiao Ming,Did the knifefin ghostfish kill??”General Hu asked with some hope。

“Failed to kill!”Li Ming sighed,Actually this month,His strength has also changed drastically。His physical fitness,More than doubled,Brute force alone,A full punch can burst out 30,000 kilograms of power。And each of the twelve flying swords can burst out with a force of 120,000 jin。
And within these three months,Li Minghe“Fish monster”Clash three times。
the first time,Li Ming’s flying sword can barely overcome the fish monster,You have to guard against the infrasound damage of the fish monster,I can only say that I am restrained“Fish monster”。
the second time,Li Ming’s flying sword is already 50% stronger than before,Two rounds of attack,Although it did not pierce the skin of the fish monster,But the tyrannical force hit“Fish monster”Seriously injured,Make the fish monsters run away。But the fish monster dived completely underwater,The resistance of flowing water far exceeds that of air,Make flying sword speed drop sharply,Li Ming can’t hunt it down。And the third time,Just now,Li Ming met this fish monster again,Flying sword across,Almost cut off the tail of the fish monster。However, the fish monster hides,Even order other fish monsters to entangle and resist。
Although Li Ming’s flying sword pierced and killed these monsters, it only took three breaths,But the fish monster has been hiding about ten meters underwater,Li Ming shoots with a flying sword,It just pierces the epidermis。
“Almost!”Li Ming shook his head,“This fish monster is also cunning,Dare not fight me at all,I can’t kill it through the lake。”
Fish monster in the water,It’s much better than forcibly sliding in the air—The key is,Li Ming’s‘Flying sword’Attack into the water,Too much resistance。
Really fell on the fish monster,I’m afraid it’s less than 10%。And flying sword into the water,Will cause strong fluctuations,Cause the fish monsters to spot and defend in advance。
“Don’t blame yourself,Have you contain it,The contribution is already very big!General Hu encouraged“After being hit hard by you last time,It comes out much less often。Estimate this,It might hide。”
“Hope so。”Li Ming shook his head,But don’t expect。
“correct,Know this old man,From the central,Professor Qiu Zhiyuan Qiu。”
“Professor Qiu?
“Mr. Li Ming。”The old man in Ufa said with a smile,“Introduce yourself,Qiu Zhiyuan,First-level researcher,Used to be a professor in Huaqing。I’ve admired you for a long time,Can hit hardCMonster,Your strength is much stronger than I thought.In my opinion,Your strength may be ranked in the top ten in the world!”
“And this ranking?”Li Ming was a little surprised,The world is not peaceful now,Does anyone have this time to study this?
“There is no special ranking,But those of us who specialize in martial arts and spiritual teachers,I still have some numbers。”The old man said with a smile。
“Spiritual teacher is like me,People who can control weapons to fight by mind?”Li Ming keenly discovered the specialness of this term,‘Spiritual teacher’Not like a casual name。
“Yes,Of course, this name is actually not ours,But from studying some ancient ruins.We can show you these things in time。The main purpose of my coming this time is for you。”Professor Qiu sighed。
“Mr. Li Ming,I am commissioned by the Central Military Commission,Hope you can join“Houyi Project”,Gather with some other strong players in the country,HuntDMonsters above level!”