“The strength of this bull devil is pretty good,You can also cultivate one or two。”

Monkey King looked at the Bull Demon entering the space channel,Ponder,The strength of this bull demon is nothing more than that in his opinion,but,Compared with those third-tier patriarchs and elders in the Yaozu,But extraordinary strength,Worth his training。
Yaozu can’t rely on him as the patriarch to do everything,otherwise,What’s the use of Sun Wukong with so many subordinates?
A moment later,More than 700 third-order,Tens of thousands of little monsters have entered the space channel,Only Monkey King, Mrs. Bone and Fairy Zixia have not left yet。
“Let’s go,Stay here, White Bone Mountain,It’s useless anyway。”
Monkey King glanced at the Bone Mountain that he had spent his thoughts on transforming,Said quietly,then,Monkey King closed the live broadcast,Since I am ready to leave,The live broadcast does not need to be turned on,Monkey King calmly walked into the space channel。
“Yes,grown ups。”
Mrs. Bones watched her grown-up walk into the dark passage,Looking back at the White Bone Mountain where I have lived for so many years,Now she will leave the Three Realms with her adult,Will never come back in this life,but,She also wants to see where her adult can go。
then,Mrs. Bones calmly walked into the space passage,Since she made a choice before,Will not give up lightly,She believes that under the leadership of her adult,Yaozu,There must be a glorious future。
“Husband,Wait for me。”
After Fairy Zixia heard her husband’s words,Come back,After watching my husband walk into the space channel,Hurry up to keep up。
Journey to the West,Monkey City,After Monkey King walked out of the space channel,Look at the 700-odd third-tier people standing quietly nearby,Tens of thousands of little monsters,After thinking for a breath,Deciding what to do is not to clean up the people,But he refines the demon,Advanced Level Four。
“Here,Is the demon realm where we wait for the demon clan to live,You wait to find your own ethnic group,Then practice hard,Improve strength。”
Monkey King looked around at his subordinates waiting for his orders,Said quietly,Wait, then,After he advances to Tier 4,If those demon kings who are delicious and lazy still don’t want to make progress,Don’t blame him Sun Wukong for his cruelty。
After hearing the words from the head of the family,All the monsters shouted,The voice resounded across the sky。
“Patriarch,Must be the strongest in the group,wait,Go find your own ethnic group。”