After Xiao Fan took the ballpoint pen handed over by Shangguanyan,Quickly withdraw the refill,And squatted beside the old lady,I directly pierced the old lady’s chest with the pen tube。
After doing,Xiao Fan stood up,Said:“It’s okay now,We can wait for the ambulance to come。”
Shangguanyan heard Xiao Fan’s words,Hurry down and look at the old lady,Although her face is not good,But the problem of nose and mouth bleeding is gone。
Seeing that my pen tube is inserted into the chest of the old lady,Shang Guanyan asked uneasy:“Is this really no problem??”
Actually, it’s not that Shangguanyan doesn’t believe Xiao Fan,It’s just that she has never seen anyone use this method to save someone.。
Xiao Fan nodded,Said:“Life is not in danger for the time being,As long as it is well maintained in the hospital,Recovery is only a matter of time。”
at this time,The ambulance has arrived,After the accompanying doctor got out of the ambulance,And quickly came to the old lady’s side,Checked the situation。
After seeing the pen tube stuck in the chest of the old lady,Even more shocked,Asked:“Who inserted this pen tube?”
Shangguanyan quickly replied:“It’s Xiao Fan,what happened,Doctors,Is there any problem?”
The doctor shook his head,Said:“High,It’s really high,The position of the pen tube inserted just effectively relieves the problem of pneumothorax obstruction,And it hasn’t hurt your lungs,It’s really high!”
Shangguanyan’s admiration for Xiao Fan also arises spontaneously,Originally, her impression of Xiao Fan has never been very good,But after what happened just now,She found out she was wrong,If it wasn’t for Xiao Fan,Maybe a life will be destroyed in my own hands。
After the doctor ordered the accompanying medical staff to carry the old lady into the ambulance,Just ask Shangguan Yandao:“correct,Where is the Xiao Fan you said??I really want to meet such a skilled person!”
Shangguanyan said:“He is here!”
Turn your head and call Xiao Fan over,But Shangguanyan searched the crowd for several laps but couldn’t find it,Let alone human,I didn’t even see a shadow!
“He may have left!”Shangguanyan said to the doctor。