“to……Xiangyang,People around,Look……Watch our,look……Not very friendly!”

There is a small team of more than four people,Then he was overtaken by four of his own,But it’s the same,The eyes around me,Made Zhu Shiyao shudder。
“do not be afraid!I let you see your sister’s language ability before,If someone dares to ask for trouble,I let those people know how painful a fist hits the face!”
Xiangyang is very confident when speaking。
Zhu Shiyao stopped talking,Xiangyang and Huang Zetao certainly have old grudges,The reason for the spat,It was the younger brother around Huang Zetao who attacked him first。
Stars are shining in my eyes, looking towards the sun,Zhu Shiyao only feels how confident Xiangyang is when she speaks,How handsome she is when she speaks。
Chapter Twenty Nine provocative
Xiangyang still regrets slightly,Twenty minutes ago,If I don’t let Zhu Shiyao take the rucksack from my body,Then she only needs to bear the weight of the backpack,But now,Because of my temporary greed,I have to carry half of Zhu Shiyao and a five-kilogram rucksack。
I watched as there were teams surpassing myself,It’s just that those people’s eyes always seem to have a hint of bad intentions。Xiangyang doesn’t care,How do others think of themselves as someone else’s business,Anyway, I have nothing to do with these people。
“Xiangyang,I really……Can’t run,Not as good as……You put me down,Return to camp first……District,I run slowly,sure……Can go back。”
Zhu Shiyao panted while speaking,Just listen,It makes people think she might faint at any time。
“Xiang Chen never gave up his friend,I do not know either!”
Xiangyang took a deep breath,Then he pulled Zhu Shiyao’s arm on her shoulder to her arms。Turning to look at Bai Lu and Xiao Xiaoxiao behind her,Bai Lu is okay,But Xiao Xiaoxiao rolls his eyes from time to time,Looks more serious than Zhu Shiyao on his shoulders。
As time goes on,Xiangyang and the others have changed from the leading echelon to the end team,When they stepped into the camp and lay on the ground,Everyone has a new understanding and perspective on the four words that life is better than death。
“Correct……Sorry,I’m dragging you down!”
In the strange eyes around,Zhu Shiyao’s voice is a little guilty。
As a senior fat girl,Often ridiculed and ridiculed in competitive events,Zhu Shiyao already has considerable experience,My sisters in the past,Can go shopping and eat together,But most of them stay away in physical education class,Regarding this, Zhu Shiyao has always seen through and never said through。
It is the first time for the three people around to accompany Zhu Shiyao to complete the race,Zhu Shiyao was very touched by this,But when I stepped into the camp,All around you look at yourself,In an instant, Zhu Shiyao returned to the past。
Xiao Xiaoxiao is too lazy to speak,But still lying next to Zhu Shiyao,At this time, even someone with a cleanliness,I won’t blame the sanitation in the camp,Just thinking about lying on the ground and breathing,If conditions permit,Sleeping in your clothes is also a good choice。