Song Fang smiled and said:“I’m a fool again,Why would you tell others like this??Anyway, this is your family business,Everyone has a share”

Wang Youcai heard this,I finally understood what Song Fang meant。No matter how smart this fox is,She will show her tail。
“I don’t have to say any more.,I just want to say that there is no shit business at home。If there is,Can I still stay in the mountains and suffer such suffering?The family had conflicts about this before,My dad was angry,Give all the little things in the house to our three brothers,Now really gone”
Wang Youcai wanted to lose his temper and leave,But he suddenly felt,Nothing can solve the problem。He should let everyone understand this thoroughly。
“I do not believe!You stay in the mountains and forests,How can I buy a house in the city??It takes a lot of money”Song Fang step by step,Slowly coming to the subject。
Xia Jian sneered:“You guys are so funny。you need to know,I was in charge of the mine。How big is the oil and water in it,You can’t think of it。Then the boss contracted the mine to me,Do you still use me for the rest??”
“Oh!It seems you really made a lot of money!In this case,It doesn’t matter if your parents are sick,After all, you live alone in a courtyard house!”Song Fang is really amazing,To go around or to go around Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai is finally on fire,He roared:“It turns out that everything is made by you, a fairy。I am rich,But be filial to your parents,Is the responsibility of every child。I can pay out all the money,But every time my parents are hospitalized,Do any of you take care of them?”
“Aren’t you rich?Why don’t you ask a nanny?”Song Fang also started to be unreasonable。
Wang You Cai is very angry,He really wants to punch this woman twice。But he still endured it,After all, she is a woman,Besides, it’s his sister-in-law。
He walked out of the farmhouse angrily,Hurry back home。Supper is on the table,Chen Yueqin glanced at Wang Youcai’s angry look,Asked softly:“Why have you been there for so long,Is your second brother still?”
“Not in,Went to the city”Wang Youcai said coldly。
Wang Degui saw something wrong,He took a breath and said:“what happened?Did you argue with them again??”