Even him thought of a noun inside the treated immortality called the gods.。

He doesn’t know that the state you have finished is not the so-called gods.,But I feel that Xuanzi is also。
His current state is just open the first floor of the gourd.,What is the latter seven layers don’t know?。
But he feels must be stronger than the first layer.,After all, the first floor of Xianquan has made him benefit.。
These have not wanted,Tooth directly,Then I found a more handsome clothes worn on my body.,Go directly to the county。
After the county,He directly ran to Xu Ruzhen’s residence,Take a call from the door at the door.。
At this time, Xu Ruzhen has packed the baggage.,Ready departure。
Li Hui’s state made her thoroughly gave up。
She thought that her appearance would let Li have better.,She even thought that she was more important than Qin Sui Ya.,But I didn’t think she was still defeated.。
The slap is on the face of Li Hui Feng.,But the pain is her own。
See a familiar phone number,She can’t help but,I thought that Li Hui’s mother called her.。
When you want to hang it。
But the ghost, she wants to hear the other party’s voice is Li Hui.。
Li Hui is standing at her door.,I heard the ringtones in the house ringing,The heart is also long and relieved.。
He knows the other party in the house,As long as you don’t leave,He has a chance。
Xu Ruzhen, who called on the phone, prescribed,But did not speak,She wants to wait for the other party to open first。
“Hey,Sister,I am coming。”
Li Hui’s voice is very light,But very gentle。
You came?
Where are you?”
Listening to Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen is also a glimpse,She is somewhat not to believe that Li Hui’s state can be so fast.。
“Just at your door.,I am afraid that you have already ran.,So in advance, block you at your door.。”
This time,Li Hui’s voice is clear from the door.。
Xu Ruzhen’s original heart is suddenly ignited by Li Hui’s words.。
I immediately opened the door directly.。
Li Hui Feng saw Xu Ruzhen has already organized a good heart.,There is also a clean and clean look of the house.。
And Xu Ruzhen saw that Li Hui Hui, which was very handsome and official, is also a glimpse.。
She didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng really got up from the bed.,It is clear that it has been decadent in her eyes.,As a result, she ran again because her slap。
Especially the other party said“I am afraid she ran.,Are you afraid that she ran??”
this moment,The tears in her eyes can’t help but flow.。
Li Hui Feng saw Xu Ruzhen’s tears,Directly hug each other。
This is still his first time I saw the other side.,And still crying。
I have to know that I have always been a very strong female boss in his eyes.,Even if it is gentle, it is strong with a wire.。
But this woman is crying.。
“sorry,Sister,I”There is no finish,It has been blocked by Xu Ru’s red lips.。
Li Hui Feng taste the bitter taste of the tears,Feel the hot temperature of each other。
The two have not been separated for a long time.。